US Spy Agencies Links With Skincare


The Intercept reports that the CIA venture capitalist fund In-Q-Tel (IQT) is investing in skincare company Skincential Sciences. Clearista will not only rejuvenate our skin but the technology can support the CIA and other intelligence networks.

The chief executive of Skincential Sciences, Russ Lebovitz, told The Intercept in an article published 9 April, that Skincential Sciences "is an outlier for In-Q-Tel." Lebovitz said, "They’re interested here in something that can get easy access to biomarkers.”

In-Q-Tel (also known as IQT) is the CIA venture capitalist fund, their mission is to “identify, adapt and deliver innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the Central Intelligence Agency and broader U.S. Intelligence Community." In-Q-Tel

The Intercept reports that "Lebovitz was unsure of the intent of the CIA’s use of the technology, but the fund was “specifically interested in the diagnostics, detecting DNA from normal skin.” He added, “There’s no better identifier than DNA, and we know we can pull out DNA.”"

In-Q-Tel has invested in more than a hundred (known) companies since it was established in 1999. Companies include Recorded Future, a firm that sounds very similar to the European Indect. There is also a company that specialises in software that monitors realtime social media Visible Technologies. Another is CallMiner, a company that can turn recorded phone conversations into searchable databases. There are also other 'biological' focussed companies, including Gainspan Corporation, IntegenX, SeventhSense Biosytems, and Microchips Biotech.

A Fox news article in 2013 described In-Q-Tel as the CIA's 'Tech Incubator' and reported that many of the start-ups initially funded by In-Q-Tel have gone on to be acquired by Google, Oracle, IBM and Lockheed Martin.

In-Q-Tel also has links with Facebook. Links between Facebook and In-Q-Tel were reported in a 2007 NZ Herald article but it is interesting to note that the first outside investor in Facebook was Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Pay-Pal and the owner of Palantir (a company that pre-dates Facebook). Palantir's start-up money came from In-Q-Tel and Palantir is also the company linked to Prism, the NSA surveillance tool that made headlines in 2013.

Peter Thiel lives part-time in NZ and is a friend of John Key's. John Key described him as 'extremely generous after the Christchurch earthquake' and invited Peter Thiel to open a Palantir office in Wellington. The office was opened in 2012 and advertised for an "embedded analyst'' who was needed "to support our Palantir Government client base''. Palantir are embedded within the NZ government.

John Key is also friends with former deputy chairman of the British Conservative Party and billionaire businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft. Ashcroft is known as a multi-million dollar donor to right wing political parties, a person who manipulates elections 'legally' and he has also recently been named in the 'Panama Papers'.

Maybe soon we will have a leak to equal the 'Panama Papers' and it will show the global network of ties within the state and corporate intelligence world.

However, the good news is that Clearista, the public front of Skincential Sciences, state on their FAQ page that Clearista is not tested on animals, Clearista products are cruelty-free.

They may take money from the CIA and know that the skincare techniques they're developing will highly likely be used by the CIA and also probably the 5-Eyes, but at least their products are 'cruelty-free'.


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