DLANZ Disabled say TVNZ Kiwimeter belittles Maori and ignores Disabled


Is it deliberate as a distraction? DLANZ feel it is

DLANZ Media watch…TVNZ KiwiMeter belittles Maori and ignores Disabled
Is it deliberate as a distraction? DLANZ feel it is

The Media has often been associated with the promulgation of a Society and its hegemonic / ‘normal values that are PURPORTED to ‘truly’ represent The People. If a government funded and, in part still controlled organization like Television New Zealand are going to consider themselves ‘Inclusionary’, they won’t do it by alienating Indigenous Maori, whose population is 15?, or Disabled/ Hauaa, compromising approx 20%

As Rabon Kan writes in the NZ Herald “Briefly, Kiwimeter is a survey on TVNZ's website, purporting to ask the eternal Kiwi question: what is the New Zealand identity? If you thought the flag referendum was a distraction from the TPP, then this is a distraction once removed, and its proof that there's nothing more distracting than a mirror, a pedestal and some flattering light.”

As Leonie Pihama writes “It is difficult for me, as a Māori researcher, to take TVNZ's online KiwiMeter survey seriously” She goes further that after its introduction in March “KiwiMeter has attracted criticism from the Human Rights Commission and a number of opposition politicians. Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis went as far as saying a question which asked whether Māori should not have special treatment was designed to incite racial intolerance and should be withdrawn?”

These kind of antagonistic questions are in my view, very similar to the 1990’s when then National (under Jenny Shipley then I think), launched a Referendum on Social Responsibility, which was targeted at the poor, and in particular attacks on single parents. Disability writers have commented about the sanitization of 19th and 20th century attempts on disabled and the poor in a Society’s drive for ideal types in their ‘Perfect World Order’ (Gleeson 1996” and including the history of eugenics and colonization here in Aotearoa NZ (Stace 1997)

DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ tautoko / support the claims of racism and upon checking out with fellows on Facebook, where it was asked What if any questions are related to disability? (Paraphrase) the best reply was “Only question about disability was under work question. Are you: Unemployed and not looking for work”

If this was the best ‘issue’ TVNZ could raise…the dependency model of disability, then questions should be asked in Parliament at the continuation of seeing our existence being further labeled as unproductive, and as such unworthy of recognition. The Minister of Disability Nicky Wagner has responsibility .for the implantation of Whakanui Oranga / The New Zealand Disability Strategy 2001, which is to ensure the Aims and Outcomes of Inclusion are practiced across all government operatives, including Broadcasting ,

This John Key led Coalition has thumbed its nose to its Sovereign obligations to Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840, and a similar questioning of Minister for Maori Development would seem appropriate too. Perhaps a question like Would Aotearoa be more harmonious and prosperous if indigenous, environment and empathy issues were the priority for a ‘Responsible’ Sovereign?

Doug Hay – Coordinator

Raybon Kan: Kiwimeter survey? Don't bother…Survey of our identity lacking in ‘yeah nah’ or ‘kinda’ and ‘ish’” 17 March 2016 http://www.nzherald.co.nz

Leonie Pihama “TVNZ KiwiMeter quiz 'flawed on many levels' RNZ – ‘Opinion’ http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national ... 27 March 2016

Brandon Gleeson ‘Geographies of Disability’ 1996 and Hilary Stace ‘Gene Dreaming’ 1997

Whakanui Oranga NZDS 2001, is a structural frame world strategy that helps identify ignorance from indifference when it comes to setting policies for future generations of Aotearoa.'s Able-bodied / Maarohirohi, and Disabled / Hape (with and without other disabilities Hauaa) refer www.odi.govt.mz


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