Nuclear Free Wellington Sign Returns to Wellington


Peace Action Wellington welcomes the return of Wellington's nuclear free sign. Originally erected in 1988 on Stewart Duff Drive by Wellington Airport, it was removed in 2004 by mayor Prendergast but now it's back.

Peace Action Wellington members are delighted to have discovered that concerned citizens have returned the old Nuclear Free Wellington sign to its rightful place, welcoming travellers from Wellington Airport.

At a time when concern about nuclear weapons is growing and the Government is building closer military ties with the United States of America we should remember the importance of our Nuclear Free status, and the significance of Wellington as a Nuclear Free Peace City.

"It is an affront to this country's status as Nuclear Free that a naval exercise with United States Naval ships will be taking place in the waters of Aotearoa New Zealand," says Peace Action Wellington spokesperson James Barber. "The United States of America refuses to confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear power or weapons on these ships. They should not be permitted here and we should not build military ties with a country responsible for atrocities such as those at Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib."

The naval exercises are happening this November in connection with the Defence Industry Association's annual Weapons Conference and the visit of the first American Naval vessels to New Zealand since 1984. This conference, part trade expo and part bidding for Government contracts, has been marked by strong protest in Wellington and is taking place in Auckland this year.


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Ka rawe. Great to see :)

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