Cops & fbi Mad To The Max


The demonstrated madness of cops in modern times reflects at once their insanity & corruption.

Cops & fbi engage in multiple violent felonies in pursuit of their victims who are often perceived as possible future misdemeanants and who thereby provide all law enforcement officials with the opportunity to perversely claim justification for their violent and brutal tactics as they chase down and murder their suspects in plain view in our pitiful society. The more people the cops/fbi kill and imprison, the more they fancy themselves as important. See my report on The Age Of Madnes.

Anyone who has been subjected to any form of police or fbi abuse (and lived outside of prison to tell about the experience) knows that cops and their friends/associates/mentors in the fbi are all pathological liars and often serial killers who regularly threaten, harass, torture, brutalize, force suicide, imprison, or kill their victims/Targets. See my report on

The Need To Prosecute fbi/cia/police Serial Killer Protectors.

These armed and homicidal fools are given limitless power, especially lethal, with no immediate supervision as they set out frequently to kill innocent people; they often do so right before our eyes.

In truth the cops and fbi whom I have known for a half century are unfit to be trusted to care for a dog; so, how be it that we entrust them with our precious freedom and our very lives!

To make matters worse the fbi trains the police primarily to kill our people. No other specialty is more in focus at the fbi 's 'assassination indoctrination facility ', aka, the fbi academy. Also, the SCOTUS under a recent law actually authorizes cops and fbi to kill an (innocent) suspect fleeing in his car. Where, I ask, is the public outrage at these horrid and macabre conditions!

*Apparently, the average citizen has no concept of uncontrollable judicial corruption in the USA.

The cops at every level and with fbi backing, have totally corrupted law and society, *including the judiciary as suggested above. The police community violate all of our basic rights at will with no recourse available to the victim of their egregious abuses.

Neither does the public have a viable say in the murderous drama created by cops and fbi throughout our nation. Indeed, the people seem to be mesmerized by cops and habituated to allowing cops and fbi to run amok at large in our communities. Many people are in effect sitting ducks in the sights of these dim witted neanderthals.

See my reports on crimes committed against me by fbi and police in Harlingen, San Antonio, Brownsville, Texas and other cities around the country.

See also my paper on this topic at:

Finally, I conclude today that in reality all such twisted law enforcement officials (including the USPI who continues to threaten me for the fbi) are insane.

Thank you.

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