The destruction of the American Judiciary by fbi at will


Here are the verifiable Facts of the fbi's corruption of the judiciary at will.

*See the links below for evidence of the failure of the judiciary to stop fbi felonious offenses against me.

Specifically, I now deduce that the judge who showed contempt for me in his court in the year 2000, during the hearing on my petition for relief, was in fact fully aware that the fbi prejudiced the court against me prior to the hearing. The facts now show that in all likelihood a federal Magistrate Judge (MJ) in Los Angeles, California, acting as a fbi operative, provided the fbi with a fraudulently obtained civil court order to terrorize me.

That abusive and illegal order was sealed, but was available to the judge (Real) who mistreated me in his court.See the link below on the corruption of federal courts.

For more information on the fbi's illegal control over and corruption of US MJ s across the nation, see
That MJ is typical in his subversive acquiescence to fbi **perjurious statements of similar thugs on the bench across the nation; he should be jailed as an accessory to the multitude of fbi crimes committed against me by the fbi over the past 16 years as I have documented on line at various sites including at "My Story In Detail".

U S District Court, Los Angeles, California Denies My Petition For Relief:

US Supreme Court Denies My Writ:

*Evidence of the corruption of the federal court by fbi:

**See the perjurious sworn affidavit, dated 6-16-2000, (of an fbi agent) submitted at the hearing referenced above in Judge Real's court in order to facilitate the trashing of my legitimate and compelling law suit against the fbi; the judge was already predisposed to insult and abuse me in his court as I tried to present my case. All the while and during the subsequent 16 years, the fbi continues to date to terrorize me by committing high crimes against my person with the imprimatur of the SCOTUS.

Thank you.


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