Parents are sometimes severely wrong


We should not always listen to our parents because they too may be misled.

Confused and disturbed Parents often say that obeying police vital.

I respond that the police and their fbi teachers are violent criminals and torturers, that they can never be trusted, and that they (not their prisoners in jails & prisons) should be incarcerated or institutionalized. See my main website at sosbeevsfbi, or study the short reports below, and then decide for yourself if you should trust the armed and dangerous cops who are programmed and trained to threaten, harass, torture, beat, arrest, and kill you. Thank you for your attention, as these considerations are vital to survival in this perilous nation.

The living dead fbi/police:

My sworn affidavit :

Fbi predicted confessions of high crimes:

Terrorists are fbi:

Police thugs everywhere, on campus, on the street, threatening you in your face and armed:


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