Evidence of fbi crimes and cover ups by USA, police and DA


See evidence of fbi crimes and cover ups by USA, police and DA.

The fbi about 15 years ago artfully argued that no evidence exists that they are terrorizing me, but fbi deceitful Counsel asserts if they are attacking me then they have a * public mandate to do so by public policy. See the link below to a section of my writ
which was denied 10-1-01, 534US894.

See also the attached admission (obtained under the Texas ORA) of communications between law enforcement groups and fbi who cover up crimes against me by the fbi's operatives and who unlawfully deny me the opportunity to file reports of crimes against me, my wife and our property (the document is dated this year and is direct evidence of fbi fraudulent involvement with police and DA against me). The document is also shown here:

The Fbi's above faulty logic was presented to and accepted by the slovenly court (as set forth in my writ) and today is still used today by the fbi in elaborate, 'counterintelligence' efforts to torture and try to kill me.


Each reader is invited to consider the mountain of evidence that I have presented, if one be interested in stopping the homicidal human monsters of the fbi from their century long, unending and unprecedented crime spree against our people.

The first link below shows the U.S. Attorney's lies in support of fbi hoodlums; the subsequent link points to some of my reports and papers which further illuminate exactly how the fbi turns law and order upside down in furtherance of their own self serving and covert criminal (felonious) enterprise.

The evidence shows the discerning reader that the Fbi hides their heinous crimes behind a veil of fraudulently claimed

                               "Public policy and public safety" concerns.


See my reports at the following link with subtitles shown below:


Overthrow Of United States Government By fbi/cia

what would you do if?

Corruption of Law & Society By fbi

Explication Of Salient Events

Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi


A New Perspective, Let My People Go


My Affidavit On Recent Police Abuses Against Me

Brutal Murder & Torture of Ambassador Stevens caused by fbi/cia


Recommended Required Course For CJS Curriculum, not yet published:


Fbi psychological operations

Drones to kill Americans, fleeing in their car (SCOTUS authorizes)


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The correct link for the Google document in the third paragraph above is



Attached in the above link, see the admissions and lies of the police involved in the cover up of fbi crimes. The report is dated 1-5-16 from DA representative Joanna Serrato:
I obtained the Serrato report via Texas ORA and the report issues from the DA's office. The report shows that Posada admits to not investigating my and my wife's report of vandalism, and that he seeks to discredit the report. Both Posada and Sgt. Martinez also falsely state that , regarding my report of fbi vandalism as follows:
" ultimately there was no offense to report...."
Missing from the report to the DA are the statements from Commander Paschal who confirms verbally as a result of his own investigation that my report of vandalism is valid. The statements in the Serrato about "headlight wire" coming loose is a manufactured lie and represents an effort to mislead the reader, as there was never any issue about wirings; also, the statement from Martinez that there was no sign of tampering is false; the mechanic admitted that the head light came out and that such is not 'characteristic' of the Nissan Sentra. Instead of actually investigating the case, the Brownsville, Texas police seek to trash my report, threaten me, and insult me with Posada's assertion to me to "take the medication." The DA accepts the absurd statements from police and also refuses to meet with me. Also, see my reports on line for over 15 years of other fbi vandalism incidents of my cars.

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