Summary of Salient Events Portend Ill For All The People


A notice follows for the benefit of all human beings.

Summary of Salient Events Portend Ill For All The People 

This  evil regime that I, as a young soldier  defended on the battlefield in combat, now in its efforts to cover up  unconscionable offenses committed by fbi/cia, etc., continues its decades long torture attempted murder and related crime spree (with DOD participation) against me!

My Service:

My life's professional  work:

My eternal struggle to educate the world about fbi/cia crimes against humanity and  on behalf of all who suffer at the hands of the cruel, homicidal sociopaths in the fbi/cia/police,etc.:

The insanity of the thugs who run this country and who seek by their own words and actions to similarly control the world via the NWO:

Fbi sends an army of thugs from US military, cops and and professional assassins (including federal Magistrate Judges ) to threaten and assault me. To mention a few names: Bleier, Wilson, Wolf, Posada, Knipfing,  Rodriguez , street hoodlum Alonzo Yanez:

...the fbi with DOD support attack me 24/7/365 with  high tech torture weaponry unheard of before our generation:

...fbi operative with medical license who is now ironically employed to care for disabled and wounded returning war Veterans issues a false report in efforts to label this Veteran as crazy:

...meanwhile, the truly mentally ill expand their unending crime spree across this land, unfettered by conscience or law and unprecedented in human affairs :


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