A Moment of Your Time, Please


This announcement may come as no surprise to many.

May I have your attention for a few moments please!

Many readers globally have read and verified my documentations of high crimes committed against me and others by the fbi and police, et.al.
So, this brief announcement should come as no shock to such interested readers; for all others I encourage you kindly to study my material and to awaken to the madness caused in our society by the assassins of the federal bureau of investigation , i.e. : the 'burro' (fbi). Failure to consider my material is in itself a reflection of the pervasive and inexcusable irresponsibility of our citizenry toward others who are being arbitrarily tortured, imprisoned and murdered by cops and fbi in our Age of Madness.

In short the fbi agents, operatives, informants, assets and contacts (including all police at every level who assist the fbi) are

Note also that doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers and many scholars ( as well as members of the general population ) and media personalities are as I have shown duped by the burro to join them in various unlawful operations; and then they (the presumed neutral parties) also become accessories to the crimes that I chronicle in my thousands of posts online.
In many instances I name the pathetic burro supporters, and I sometime summarize their crimes against me, even as I take the photos of apparent assassins sent at me in the employ of the burro.

See my court pleadings, affidavits (2007 & 2014) online, my main website where I document psychopathic attempts on my life (and torture, etc.) by the 'burro', my papers at

and my short reports on many *Indymedia forums. See the fbi history book and documents from the burro, cia, USPI, etc. for additional background data. For information about me see:


I trust that each brave reader here need no statement from me on the horrible implications of this report, especially as I indict all who support the extremely and murderously corrupt criminal justice system (and the new cjs secretly and illegally forged by the burro). All who so assist the burro should recognize that you each contribute either actively or by your silence and
acquiescence to the unconscionable crimes ongoing and committed by the burro and by their half witted police quislings and sycophants everywhere. For more on this topic see my statements on the dilemma facing civilized man and on the absurd need for government to fraudulently create criminals.

Thank you and sleep well, NOT, because we all could tell the burro and those in Congress who pay and praise them, "NO MORE".


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