Attorneys are urged to aggressively defend against fbi liars


See my earlier documentations on the pervasive criminality of fbi, and then join with me in arresting their crime spree.

Attorneys Are Urged To Aggressively Defend Against fbi Liars

See my notice in the Texas Bar Journal (in the follwing link ) to attorneys 15 years ago regarding the murderous corruption of fbi.

*To date, the assassins of fbi and their police subordinates expand unchallenged their unprecedented violent crime spree against our people:

*This year, in the attached advertisement, 2016, I urge attorneys to aggressively defend against fbi assassins and liars.

Vol. 79, No. 2. Texas Bar Journal 183 (see attached photo of my Texas State Bar Journal Advertisement.

Sosbee's Affidavit:

False sworn statement of fbi agent:


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