Beneficiary ‘Impact’ Sees Shocking Need for Food Grants


Auckland Action Against Poverty, along with advocates from the North Island, were shocked today to see such a saddening need for food grants at the Onehunga 'Impact', says Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Sarah Thompson.

Auckland Action Against Poverty and other northern advocates have coalesced outside of Work and Income Onehunga today and again tomorrow and Wednesday to work with beneficiaries in the Onehunga community to ensure they get the support that is rightfully theirs.

Work and Income have a culture of denying people their full entitlements so this event- what is called an 'Impact' - aims to get people the financial support that is rightfully theirs.

Over three quarters of the people we saw today needed a food grant in order to feed their family.

One woman, Jane, had been working 18 hours per week but then her job dried up. Her husband has just found 15 hours of work but with three children to feed, his pay just won't cut it. She was happy to walk away with a $150 food grant but she said what they really wanted was a job with regular full time hours.

The same was true of Andrea, the mother of five children. Her husband earns $600 per week, but with five children and rent at $450, what's left is not enough to keep them nourished. She too left with a food grant for $200.

There are additional forms of financial assistance, but unfortunately many people do not know they are available or, they're being denied them unfairly. We look forward to seeing many more people tomorrow and Wednesday to ensure they're receiving what is rightfully theirs.

In addition, from 12pm – 2pm on Tuesday, across from Onehunga Work and Income, AAAP will be hosting a 'Recession Buster' rally to challenge the Government on its lack of job creation. Jacinda Ardern, Jan Logie and John Minto will be in attendance to talk about their parties' welfare policies, in addition to speakers from various community groups.

We hope that beneficiaries and low wage workers taking part in the Impact will have a chance to engage with some of the issues around welfare reform, as well as see that there are alternatives to National's horrendous policies.

We are focusing on the Onehunga community for the Impact however all beneficiaries and low paid workers are welcome, bring I.D. We have quotes for essential items such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fridges and more.

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Video of Impact here


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Wish I was there - I hope everything went well !

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