Indymedia: relaunched, refreshed and ready


Welcome to the new indymedia! Aoteaora Indymedia has been redesigned and refreshed for the benefit of our users. We hope you like the new site!

The relaunch of the site is part of a general rejuvenation of the Indymedia project. We want to encourage more contributors to the site: more articles, more photographs, more events, more reposts and more comments. In short, we want you to get involved in making independent media. We hope that you will find it useful and easy to use.

As a collective, we are committing ourselves to writing regular, high quality reporting and we would like to welcome others who share the same passion for good, honest journalism.

Indymedia is for sharing radical ideas and events, and challenging the discourse of those who hold power in our society. When Indymedia began in 1999, the catch cry was ‘Don't hate the media, become the media!’ Indymedia was groundbreaking in making user-driven news content. In the years since then, the internet has changed and blogging has become commonplace.

However, the need for Indymedia remains: it is a space for sharing information from a wide variety of social, political and economic struggles and making the connections between movements.

Aoteaora Indymedia is run by a volunteer collective. We have no corporate involvement and we reject all advertising. We are part of a global network of collectives and websites operating autonomously in every corner of the world.

If you have been a registered user in the past, your login will continue to work — just use your registered email address as your login. If you are visiting Indymedia for the first time, we hope you will use the site regularly.

We hope that the new site will fly without a hitch, but if you discover a glitch, please contact us at or leave a comment below.Indymedia: relaunched, refreshed and ready


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Looks beautiful!

Kudos to the techy team xxxx <3

Well done everyone!

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