A religious School for a Minority group in Egypt was raided and accused of terrorism


A peaceful school community in Egypt was raided by Egyptian Police and accused of terrorism and links with AlQaeda despite having peaceful teachings which they share online. It is a direct attack due to intolerance of Egyptian Clergy.

On Friday 16th November 2012, during the Friday prayer, the private residence and gathering place of a school in Egypt called the Ansar of Imam Al Mahdi, was raided by the Egyptian National Security.

They entered the residence and asked for the passports of the individuals and they found 6 individuals with expired Visas and they sent them back to their home country, one of whom was mentally challenged.

They were in Egypt legally and the ones whose visas were expired were only expired recently. There is a window of 15 days which the government allows to renew the VISA but the students were denied of this and even of renewing their Visa and deported.

They left the rest of the students, since they had not committed any crime.

The unwarranted raid constitutes religious intolerance shared by Egyptian religious authorities and the Egyptian government. They are furious because it is a school teaching the subject of Ahlulbayt, the family of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhp). In addition they have conjured accusations and lies in order to incite the common people against these peaceful people gathering together in a school, full of women and children. The Egyptian media has published articles of the school while accusing them of terrorism (see: http://www.almesryoon.com/permalink/52371.html ). The school was also accused of terrorism by media from other countries like Russia (http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_11_17/6-foreigners-suspected-of-terrorism-arrested-in-Cairo/) and Sweden (http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article15794197.ab). Note the picture in the Russian article is false, none of the school members are inside that picture.

The school and its members post their lectures online and are transparent in their teachings and goals. Footage of the school and its members can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3_gwQhCrnk .


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