K Rd Occupied by Street Party


Doug Weatherall captured these images of Saturday's "Reclaim the Streets" style street party in Karangahape Rd, Tamaki Makaurau.

"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having" - Emma Goldman

The occupation of K Rd was protesting against the privatisation of the public commons, also known euphemistically as "State assets":, even though they belong to we the public, not the state who simply manage them for us, and they are shared resources which should be managed for the benefit of all, not "assets".

This action was a good sign of what is to come if the government pushed ahead with hocking off control of our collective property. If Mighty River Power is the first on the auction block, I will be joining the Switch Off Mercury campaign, switching to another publicly-owned power company, and encouraging others to do the same. I will also be contacting hapū on the Waikato, whose water rights are under threat of being sold off along with Mighty River Power, and offering support of an occupation of land surrounding Mighty River facilities. Perhaps if investors see we are serious about protecting our natural resources from corporate raiders, they will hesitate to buy shares.

This is only stage one of the anti-privatization campaign though. The next step is to convert all "State-Owned Enterprises", "Crown Research Institutes", Universities, and all other public resources and institutions which have been corporatized back into not-for-profit organisations, sustainably serving the public good first, aiming to cover costs second, and aiming to make a profit not at all.

Aotearoa Is Not For Sale!

More photos here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.437731696286527.98719.435718909821139&type=1


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Good stuff, Akl peeps, nice set of pix there, props to the dude photographer.

This is just the start of the Summer of Revolution, We took the street with only one arrest. Cops said no, but
Who's Streets Our Streets

Aotearoa Is Not For Sale Declares Street Party Against Privatisation A Success

Aotearoa Is Not For Sale reclaimed Karangahape Road for a street party against privatization on Saturday November 3. Despite the somewhat shakey start with the Police trying to shut it down, ANFS has declared the event a success.

The plan to peacefully take the street at 2pm was pushed back as Police threatened to make arrests, despite having worked cooperatively with ANFS in two large marches up Queen Street and other smaller events earlier this year. Activists responded to these threats by sitting in the street, but one woman was picked up by the neck and ears, and another was dropped head-first on the ground by officers, some of whom were not wearing identification badges. One protestor was unfortunately arrested. At least four people, including a local business owner, have filed complaints through the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

After winning the battle to reclaim the street, some 300 people stayed to enjoy the afternoon of music, speeches, entertainment and community, with many more passing through. New Natives and Kinaki played great sets, and DJs including Tina Turntables, Azbo, Gary Cranston and many more had the crowd dancing for hours. The Tamariki area provided entertainment for the kids in the form of face-painting, sidewalk chalk, hula hooping and a pirate. Unfortunately the two tonnes of snow were unable to be delivered due to the Police trying to shut the event down at the time of delivery. Speakers from the Maritime Union of NZ, Its Our Future (TPP Watch), Tamaki Housing Group, Mana, Socialist Aotearoa and Labour enlightened the gathering crowds about the struggle against asset sales on the many different fronts.

Aotearoa Is Not For Sale would like to thank all of the people who made the street party against privatization such a successful event. We would especially like to thank the K Road locals who allowed us to share their street and who joined us in the party and protest.

The ANFS Street Party Against Privatisation sent a strong message to the Government that their plans to sell our state owned enterprises will continue to be challenged. We will not be divided like our assets. We will be united, we will not be silenced, we will resist this together.


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