PKK Destroys Thousands of German-made Grenades

Kurdish rebel fighters in Northern Iraq have blasted a stockpile of a low four digit number of German rocket-propelled grenades on Thursday, Kurdish exile sources in Paris reported.

The weapons were collected from positions conquered from so-called Peshmerga fighters, a sort of Caucasian rocker gang turned paramilitary wing of a foreign-think-tank-driven patchwork government that ended up in a spin-overblown role in the Syrian juggernaut, and subsequently pulled out of circulation by the PKK´s counter-intelligence branch, the French reports said. Operatives wearing Merkel impersonation masks put explosives on the stack of weaponry and destroyed it in front of a tribune of UN observers.

European analysts of the Kurdish community said, on the background of increased unscrupulousness on the Turkish side, the group intends to provide a positive counter-image to contrast other material destruction that had taken place in the region as part of the war.

But a spokesperson of Berlin´s war department, which had dumped the entire military hardware of the East German republic into the Turkish-Kurdish war before it underwent a face-lifting as an all-volunteer patriot trough, alleged the measure had been a signal to Germany.

The spokeswoman complained on state television that the PKK had cancelled invitations to German nationals among the diplomatic body´s observer contingent, which were arranged via indirect contacts running through the Barzani administration.

Paris sources said however, the Kurdish invitation never went to include any UN member states that attempted to put a terrorism label on the insurgent group known through the diplomatic crisis around the illegal rendition of its jailed leader at the time.

“Someone naming an item that ought to be in the lowest possible circulation, such as a weapon, after an endangered species, whose population ought to be carefully increased, cannot be right in his mind or have any brain left. Now you have seen public relations underline that.”

“But even if we chose to turn a blind eye on alphabetism for the cause of a judicial benefit of the doubt, they ought to be historically aware that their partners committed similar penetrations in Japan against the Tenno´s racket of authority-run death-hardened idealists only two or three generations ago.“

„If you can smuggle in grenades, then you also can smuggle in Edward Snowden, the guy who was given a grenade by another kid and handed it over to a Reverend in real time. This would flush Barzani´s nepotist stables and boot out the Nazis there. Besides that, he is a magnet for depleted uranium.”


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