Asylum Seekers on Nauru


On 13th November, around 300 of the asylum seekers on Nauru ended their hunger strike, but six people continue the strike and with one person now on hunger strike for more than a month. People in the camps have concerns about his safety.

The group hunger strike was called off after it was announced that an Amnesty International delegation will visit Nauru on 19 November.

The announcement of the Amnesty International visit also coincided with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, criticising conditions in the camp on Nauru. In an ABC radio interiew, Pillay said that the hunger strikes were an "indication of the unbearable conditions under which they're being held".

The Iranian man who has not eaten for over a month is described by another asylum seeker on Nauru as seriously ill.

“You will just find him having a skeleton. The doctor told him that very soon your brain and your heart will stop working,” the asylum seeker said.

“He is just laying on a bed all day and night, he is even not able to walk properly.”

The Australian Immigration Department says the Iranian man is currently in a stable condition.

People seeking asylum in Australia have been sent to Nauru for over two months now, they include people from the detention centre in Christmas Island and people who have only recently tried to enter Australia to seek asylum. Seeking asylum is a right and these people should be admitted into Australia immediately.

Press Release from Nauru

Nov 15, 2012 2:44pm

The government of Australia.

After continuous peaceful protest of 50 days and a hunger strike of 12 days, we did not get any response from Australia Government.

We oppressed, hopeless helpless asylum seekers of Australia. We left our own homelands because of threats, torture and our lives were in danger, we came to peaceful Australia to seek asylum, and we have been waited more than seven months in Indonesia to make the dangerous voyage to Australia. We have taken the risk of being drawn in the sea. When we reached to Australia unfortunately we were shifted to Nauru by force and fraud.

In our area, we were living with a fear of being killed only one time but here we are dying every moment.

In Nauru we are living in crowded tents of 14 peoples without A/C and fans. Here we are suffering from several lethal diseases that is blood vomiting, chest pains, skin diseases etc. we are living here with stress as we were told that you will be here for unknown time to make an example for the other who has planned to come to Australia. Many of the asylum seekers have lost control over their mind, many asylum seekers have attempted suicide and hurted themselves.

The worst conditions that we have here, none of these asylum seekers have seen the conditions ever before. We are being treated the same as criminal are being treated. Cattles are not being kept in these conditions that we are living in.

One of the asylum seekers is on the hunger strike from last 34 days and five more asylum seekers are on the hunger strike from last 14 days but nobody is asking from them.

According to UN Nauru breaches international law for refugees, we don’t know under which law, we are being kept in this Hell hole.

We are sending this letter with a great hope and decency to the authorities to hear our voice and make a commitment to help the oppressed, hopeless and helpless asylum seekers of Australia in Nauru.

Asylum seeker of Australia in Nauru [source]


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