After P-Day, Intelligence Agencies in Disarray

In the American invasion of Iraq, the centre stone of an entire mosaic of intelligence failure was the destruction of the civilian infrastructure necessary to handle the depleted uranium aftermath due to false intelligence...

In the American invasion of Iraq, the centre stone of an entire mosaic of intelligence failure was the destruction of the civilian infrastructure necessary to handle the depleted uranium aftermath due to false intelligence suggesting Saddam would have had his weapons assembled on the launch pad. As a result, the program was attacked in places where it was not really weak, while its actual weaknesses caught no attention, and the overall damage in combination with the radiological effects left the country an easy catch for the Islamic State, where everything can only be better than the official stupidity and ignorance of the national security state.

Besides of the negative effects on Iraq, whose blowback is now biting back so badly into the minds of so many, an entire program of launch pad monitoring efforts was literally wasted, like firemen arriving on the scene only after the smoke has cleared, while the significant links in the manufacturing chain remained hidden, and collateral damage went through the roof. The so-called “surgical war” finally became a bloody brouhaha when it turned out that the only weapons of mass destruction found were a batch of prison guard photographs spectacularly leaked as part of election race apparatchik infighting.

But from today´s perspective it is to be added that the real shocking album is that with the depleted uranium symptoms, all the more so as the country was bombed into medical helplessness. It is this original intelligence failure in Iraq with its weapons fetish and commodity attitude that is at the root of the successful rise of the Islamic State, the post-national entity which now has extended its hands into the underbelly of Europe.

History has no record whether the unsuspecting passengers of the Lusitania in the sinking of their ship had the time to notice that it went down so quickly because it was packed with weapons, but the constellation alone is enough to provide a glimpse into the emotions of its younger generation who never consciously experienced the Saddam era. It must be known so that it does not need to be said again and again that NSA blackmailing European countries over their involvement only resulted in bigger arms deals on the other side of the fence.

The young urban professional Europe that was now hit by Islamic State associates is a war economy which would not have abundant financing, excess speculation, stealth debt policy and so on without an arms race working as a bloody snowball system. It is so evident that it might nearly escape attention: The Islamic State did not attack so-called crisis countries locked in the yoke of neoliberalist austerity fantasies, but these who compensate the effects of the European currency crisis with war profits that enable them to drag along the rest of the subcontinent through otherwise unbearable conditions. And the French population follows the politicians like cattle, not even asking how it comes that now these countries who opposed the American invasion of Iraq are being attacked over it.

Would it not be more likely for Boko Haram or Al Shabab to strike Paris over the latter´s meddling in Africa? Or is it just self-evident that this war has long gone beyond the stage of antagonism between nation states to a challenge how a world could be structured without the corpse economy and the business of death? The Islamic State may not be a People´s Republic, maybe not even a parliamentary democracy, but undoubtedly it is a state according to the ancient Chinese definition – so many servants sworn to the same chain of command that it can take it up with any individual, and be it only in an asymmetric form.

P-Day has an entirely new quality than the Al Qaeda attacks in the first decade of the century, when digital totalitarianism had just been mounting. Had it then been a renegade faction challenging the intelligence agencies, is it now the coalition of these driven ahead by the manic spying with these left behind by it. P-Day puts the idea that freedom was based upon democracy back on its feet: The Islamic State is the only collective alternative to the national security state – the only form of human mass organisation which can at all coexist with the NS state, whereas coexistence means little more than successfully avoid getting absorbed by it.

A low three digit death toll plus five more wounded for each, that result is being piled up by the background suicide rate in the national security state quicker than it takes for the nationalist theatrics to wind down. Though it is not entirely a chicken-egg situation between the two, because the individual can co-exist with the state as well, though only for a limited time, and the essence of the opposing forces is to remove these limits. P-Day signifies the clue that it is the other way around, that democracy is based on freedom, and we could as well base something on it which does not gravitate toward totalitarianism.

Paris hurt as if it was Beirut – that is not merely a frontal attack; that is so powerful a gesture because it is, such as any terror attack resonating with public attention, a caricature of a hidden attack by intelligence agencies. The safe estimation is that for each dead there is at least one person somewhere in Europe, not unlikely likewise dispersed over the place, just facing an inconvenient awakening as far as unsolicited surveillance regime intrusion into their lives is concerned.

France imagines it could deal out violence without taking back any, Germany makes pompous promises it cannot keep up against the slightest rumour, Britain pretends to be at least as independent from the mainland as Bahrain – if you think all that is just what it is, busy theatrics, then take care of the machinations going on between the American agencies. As for NSA to avoid overtly handing over Islamic State data to CIA or FBI, what it does is it repackages these inter-services leaks as an Anonymous campaign, de-masking the entire blather about humanist values and human rights as alleged war compasses as forgery. Or is the official defiance meant to be interpreted as indication of an official expectation that it will be defeated anyway so that would not make it worse?

With its systematic abuse, obvious to everyone but some gullible people who never developed their personalities beyond the regressive attitude of patriotism, the national security state shows its true face, even to these who genuinely fear the tremendous blowback now showing up. The so-called “successful anti-terror operations,” which every unbiased observer will recognise as undistinguishable from terrorist attacks, the actual shooting orgies of this war, leave unsuspecting populations with the conclusion that fire-fighters causing more damage from sewage soaking than the actual arson, and far more than technically necessary to extinguish it, would not be bathing in the same amount of a benefit of the doubt as their so-called security forces currently do. Indeed, surgeons “operating” that way would be a public scandal and rightly so, even if the cancer is real – all the more so if the cancer was real.

The NSA´s abuse of the Anonymous identity, which comes after the agency failed to establish a hacker forgery by pissing off one of its major bureaucratic rivals, becomes transparent once the entire fissure running through the surveillance regime apparatus is taken into account: With obtaining total network access before legislators were pushed to enable police to targeted access, it came to a situation where the spy would know where the bank-robber has gone, while the prosecutor would remain clueless behind its desk. This brought about the dilemma of the criminal creep – either the agency sends the prosecutor a letterhead with the information, making it aware of its own disrespect of law-making, or it covers up petty crime to cover up its own big crime.

The third way is for it to somehow appear in public without a possibility to trace it back to an origin. Leaking platforms and hacker identities have become comfortable vehicles for the agents deceiving the prosecutors, which in some European countries led to a hectic ramming through of data retention legislation, not because the national security state had no access, but due to its dishonest interest to cover up to its lower ranks that it has. Simply put, NSA is hiding behind the Anonymous mask as to avoid scaring FBI with its true face. Hereby the Anonymous community gets the Doerner Manifesto thrown into its collective laps to study this type of “security forces” infighting.

Probably it is a safe interpretation that an official telling the public that the rumours he is acting upon would scare it is talking about the radiological or so-called “dirty bomb” – radioactive materials stolen from one hospital alone and professionally dispersed upon population hubs even though not contagious could fill dozens thereof with helpless patients. It would be just like Iraq or the Balkans with very lasting effects. But the Islamic State has only fired warning shots; it never went as far to load its weapons with the live ammunition of nuclear waste. And for the obvious reasons for being guilty of just that, the national security state has not gone beyond vague allegations to the possibility thereof.

On P-Day, the Islamic State has drawn a spontaneous caricature of the national security state´s ongoing and systematic abuse of the people in the blood of the population. Does it have a right to do so, in terms of political legitimacy? Does not the NS state demand in its constitution its own covert activities not to be caricatured? Would it not be appropriate for the IS to respect that taboo for the sake of itself? Yes, yes, yes, but it was the NS which broke it in the first place. And the rest is Cause and Consequence.


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