Kiwi in Gaza helping inform world about Israel’s invasion


A New Zealand activist is currently in Gaza amidst reports of a full-scale Israeli invasion of the besieged Palestinian enclave. Meanwhile, solidarity protests have been organised in Wellington (Friday) and Auckland (Saturday).

Roger Fowler, who lives in South Auckland, is currently in Gaza on a fact finding mission on behalf of Kia Ora Gaza.

“Roger is helping UK film-maker Harry Fear operate a makeshift studio in the middle of Gaza City to get a live broadcast about Israel’s invasion out to the world,” reported Grant Morgan, the chairperson of Kia Ora Gaza.

Roger has been a political activist for many years as part of the peace and socialist movements. He is currently the manager of the Mangere East Community Learning Centre. He has previously been to Gaza as part of the big aid convoys in an attempt to break the siege of Gaza.

Harry Fear has been broadcasting live from Gaza via his laptop. Roger Fowler has been on a fact finding mission in Gaza for the last 10 days, as part of Harry Fear’s 6-person team. Roger is with Harry right now in their impromptu studio in the middle of Gaza City, helping with the live broadcast.

About an hour ago, Harry Fear posted on Facebook:

Two massive explosions woke me up. God protect Gaza from Israel. Hearing more explosions here in Gaza City. My neighbourhood was confirmed hit in the last 10 mins.

Last night, Roger wrote


Protests in Aotearoa/NZ

A solidarity protest will take place in Wellington tomorrow, 16th November.

When: Midday Friday 16th November
Where: Bucket Fountain, Cuba Mall, Wellington

Students for Justice in Palestine (Wellington) are organising an emergency picket to voice solidarity with Palestinians, and hold the Israel Government and Military to account for these attacks.

In Auckland, a protest will take place on Saturday, 17th November.

When: 2pm, Saturday 17th November
Where: Aotea Square, Auckland

Global Peace & Justice Auckland is organising a march this Saturday to protest Israel’s assassination of a Palestinian leader in the Gaza Strip and the deadly rocket attacks in which many Palestinians have lost their lives.

Photo: Roger Fowler in Gaza a few days ago.


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Tell Roger to update/fix his story. This sort of thing makes Indymedia reporting suck. We lose all credibility. Been several days now so really no excuse.

While the Israelis have been pounding the s**t out of Gaza they have NOT yet invaded. There is NO "full scale invasion" taking place. Apparently no invasion of any sort other than air space and THAT isn't news (been continuous for years).

Note while many expect an Israeli ground invasion at any moment it is quite possible that they will choose not to do so. If they invade/occupy, they become responsible for the civilian population. So they might choose to stay back and just pummel the place from a distance.

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