fbi tries to prevent my tsunami of data offered globally


fbi operatives criticize my main website in order to discourage visitors there. In several different languages the fbi attacks my site, but now I show how the fbi threatens the reader in Poland who study my material.

The fbi now expands the global intimidation campaign against all who study my material. In the *link below the fbi operative in Poland threatens the reader and simultaneously attempts to discredit my reports. The threat is that the visitor to my site will have ‘trouble’ and maybe a ‘heart attack’ if he stays on the site for more than a few seconds. The exact type of problem may be (in my opinion) a virus attack on the user's computer followed by Polish Intelligence covert actions against the user. These kinds of fear tactics are used by the USA and allies globally. See


Note that Poland assisted the cia in the rendition, torture and unconscionable crimes against suspects. As in Nazi Poland the sociopaths in power kept the people in fear and forced them to accept Hitler (and now the fbi/cia) as rulers. See also my report on the similarities between USA and Nazi Germany:



{Note: the correct link to the above Polish post is the 3rd link on this page:

http://sosbeevfbi.ning.com/profiles/blogs/fbi-tries-to-prevent-my-tsunami-of-data-offerred-globally?xg_source=activity }

  1. Sosbee vs FBI

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Są flagi, są jakieś zdjęcia żołnierzy, sekrety, odznaki, nazwa FBI... czego chcieć więcej? Nie do końca wiadomo, o co chodzi na tej stronie, ale to zapewne sprawa wagi państwowej. Polecamy ją więc szybko opuścić, aby nie narazić się na kłopoty... i zawał spowodowany brzydotą witryny.


"These flags are some pictures of soldiers , secrets , badges , name the FBI ... what more could you want ? We do not know exactly what's going on this site, but it is probably a matter of national importance . We recommend it so quickly leave so as not to expose yourself to trouble ... and a heart attack caused by the ugliness of the site."-

Geral Sosbee writes:
The fbi also now limits the display of all site meter entries, showing only a small fraction of world visitors to my site at www.sosbeevfbi.com. Additionally, the fbi and the cia direct the media to provide great coverage of Edward Snowden and NSA crimes in apparent efforts to distract the national attention away from the more compelling revelations from fbi and cia agents and employees such as Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell.

Snowden evidently is allowed to assist in the production of a movie on the subject of NSA activities; again, the United States government seeks to focus the national debate on surveillance issues and not on the more egregious and unconscionable crimes that I and others document including torture, forced suicide, attacks by directed energy weapons (DEW), murder (often by discreet means such as chemical and biological assaults). The larger goal of world inhumane domination by the USA and allies is almost never mentioned in most reports, See my “World In A Box” on line and also consider my comments on eugenics at


The world governments who vehemently cooperate with the fbi/cia/doj/dod are prepared to even treat some civil rights activists and their sympathizers as criminals.


So, I invite the reader to recognize the real and severe threat to all mankind by the USA. See

My reports at https://ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee


Thank you.

PS Threats To Privacy: Lawrence G. Walters



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