A Reminder of Nazi Germany: USA is a Nation of Traitors


See the similarities between Nazi Germany and today's USA in my reports.

I have shown by incontrovertible evidence for the past fifteen years that the employees of the fbi and the cia (including their agents, operatives, police associates, informants and often co opted members of the general public who take directives from the intelligence community) are *traitors because they engage in the following practices against our people: harassment, threats, 24/7 psychological assaults designed to drive the subject (i.e., Target) insane, mayhem, torture, forced suicide, imprisonment, murder (often by discreet methods), gross violations of fundamental human and civil and constitutional rights; the traitor is more to fear than a murderer because the traitor undermines the government that they pretend to serve and because such a renegade represents an affront to all that is respectable and decent in humanity.

*The fbi and the cia at once betray the trust of the American people and violate their sacred obligation to protect and to defend without exception all laws of society. In essence these terrible sub humans (as I name them) exemplify all that mankind detests in its own species even as they hold themselves out as respectable.


Some of my reports on topic are located at the following site:


Collapse of our government by the traitors within:


**As in Nazi Germany where Hitler gained popular support, the people of the United States now support the traitors who run the USA:

The USA provides the ruling class with huge tax breaks; to the middle and lower class the USA provides social security and medicare benefits that give the illusion of stability. The USA also pretends to address the issue of hunger in the country. Even with the USA at constant war taxes are seldom levied against the working class people. The USA has a media blitz in superficial support of ‘’pampered soldiers’’.

** http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2005/03/why_did_so_many.html#sthash.mtSadwUX.dpuf


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