Klitchkov Blasting Separatists over Chemical Weapons

Klitchkov Blasting Separatists over Chemical Weapons

It is both the iconic name of a Moscow musical suddenly turned into a death trap, and the actual wind direction that would provide the highest probability of it actually doing it: North-East. That title saw theatre soldiers, real gunmen taking the stage, and finally air-conditioning-system-based gassing; that weather would carry chemical rounds fired over Eastern Ukraine further into the country and enable enemies to risk-free fire. Indeed, such as Chernobyl penetrated the security fence, no anew cold war can provide sort of an umbrella against the chemical threat. Now boxer-turned-mayor Vitali Klitchko of Kiev blew a whistle meant to signal that it is already happening.

Klitchko said through a Japanese cover firm Putin had ordered weather satellite data from American sources covering Ukrainian territory that would be used to calculate the best time for an attack. Once the wind direction was suitable, a chemical bombing would draw a corridor of death into Ukrainian territory, through which heavy artillery was to roll in as to loot and destroy towns and resources on both sides thereof. He said there were rivalling forces within the Russian military and some were eager to commit a chemical attack with the described profile as to seduce the central command to redeploy follow-up forces from its Islamic fronts.

“Not only does this make our health dependent on how the air moves here, it also makes it dependent upon how the wind of opportunity blows in Moscow. And that is a parameter we just do not like to reckon with in our daily lives.” He said the speculations going on in the Russian army indicated that Moscow was not fully in check of its capabilities, and that there was a risk that a middle-ranking commander seeing an opportunity to take its internal rivals by surprise might break the chain of command if he managed to convince a sufficient group of equal-ranking followers that a domino effect was likely. “The problem is that there is a significant difference between a number of enemy commanders becoming convinced of that likelihood and its actual occurrence.”

“They might start gassing us just because they think that would allow them to gear up at the expense of their comrades, and then you also might have one or another of those separatists throwing a small chemical grenade here or there as to tease its masters into committing it on a large scale.” Klitchko said in some areas separatists or military agents had put up signs at the border bragging over the 2003 Russian special forces operation known for its brazen breach of the chemical weapons convention respectively the corridor wind. “These may appear rusty, but here they are recent since the grass had not even bleached yet under the debris left from their installation.”

He elaborated as a result of the ongoing internal tug-of-war, every piece of chemical ammunition in the arsenals was getting polished day by day “since the Russians are dumping a lot of effort into collectively straying along the red lines of no-go policies at a grenade-throwing distance.” He added that the gassing issue was difficult to raise, since many Russians when confronted with the reports of the incidents and the multiple risk potential in them, “either out of ignorance, fear or worse”would assume that the subject matter was energy trade rather than war crimes. “But it could easily become a non-issue once chemical weapons are purged from all pages of the Russian portfolio.”

Critics have said the Ukrainian celebrity known for its fierce nationalism and affluence in central European languages was lashing out into a wrong direction and Russia and its allies were not the culprits. Chemical ammunition pieces which according to the Kiev administration were found in the disputed territories are carrying the inscription “Jerusalem Steel Moscow” suggesting it either was a Russian product or a false-flag campaign of the kind the last generation of czars used to get its death knell going. Neither explanation is the most unlikely one in a whole bunch of unlikely assertions. The only certainty is that no peace has occurred so far and the series of pin-prick incidents never ceased.


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