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Governments across the globe are failing during this humanitarian crisis. Here the refugee quota has not grown since 1987, it remains at 750. A facebook campaign is asking people to pledge to open homes to refugees and asylum seekers in solidarity.

A facebook site was set-up earlier this week asking people to pledge to open their homes in an act of solidarity with asylum seekers and refugees. The page opens with the question - "Do you have a spare room? A sleep out? A bach or a crib? Can the kids combine bedrooms? Let's pledge to open our homes to refugees and asylum seekers as an act of solidarity."

The founder of the page, Urs Signer, said on National Radio it is time for people to stand in solidarity. When governments fail then people must take it in their own hands to organise and support and act in solidarity.

Urs writes on the facebook, " The reality is that we need a political solution hence we push as hard as we can. Due to our geographic location (and also due to Australia stopping any boats making it to the South Pacific), things are different here. At the moment, all refugees are accommodated in Mangere for 6 weeks and then in Housing NZ houses, supported by the Red Cross in several cities across Aotearoa. However, we want MORE refugees to come here and I certainly think that opening up our houses to refugees would enable us to provide support for a lot more refugees. But even if we won't actually house refugees, we still need to create the environment where we, as a community, provide support and practical assistance (English and Te Reo lessons, food, employment, clothing etc) to the families and ensure that we welcome them with open arms and leave NO ROOM FOR RACISM.

"Finally, standing in solidarity with refugees and migrants and organising against poverty are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary. The stories from the current refugee crisis are so full of tragedy and sadness that should fill us with righteous anger at the political leadership of western countries whose "war on terror" is the main cause of the current situation. As social justice activists, we make the connections between poverty and colonial oppression here and imperialist wars in the Middle East and the current humanitarian crisis unfolding in front of our eyes."

There are a series of rallies and marches organised around the country:

WELLINGTON - Tuesday, 8th Sept, 12pm, British High Commission (
WELLINGTON - Thursday, 10th Sept, 6pm, Parliament (
AUCKLAND - Thursday, 10th Sept, 6pm, Auckland Domain (
AUCKLAND - Saturday, 19th Sept, 2pm, Aotea Sq (

- The UN Refugee Agency supports refugees in Jordan. Please donate
- Red Cross Emergency Appeal -…/emergency-appeal-for-syria/
- Refugee Trauma Recovery -

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