Drugs & Vaccines VS Integrity & Healing August 10, 2015,

Drugs & Vaccines VS Integrity & Healing August 10, 2015,

Vaccines are now full of harmful neurotoxins that cause rapid onset of serious illness to long-term injury and death. Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of our time, our children are seeing rapidly rising cancers, autism and a multitude of disabling and severe diseases and auto-immune conditions, and this is happening in-part because of the toxicity overload that the Medical Establishment is injecting into our progeny. The CDC, senators (the Clintons, Pan, etc.), corporations, businessmen (Bill Gates, etc.) and even medical doctors are knowingly (and unknowingly) pushing the sick agenda of poisoning the population with ingredients known to cause many toxic side effects and damaging ailments in the body and mind. The government, the FDA and the multi-trillion Big Phama industry are snug in bed to move the USA into a Land of Medical Tyranny.


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