Democracy is a Greek word

In Greece democracy has functioned for once, and Capital is displeased. European Union gives all to banks, causing more unemployment. Merkel, Draghi and paid politicians are ruining Greece. Progressive people of the world unite! Let's save Greece.

Democracy is a Greek word

Fernando García Izquierdo

The people.
About a fortnight ago the Greek people opted in a referendum for a certain line of conduct to be adopted, by their democratically elected government, in matters of great importance for the nation’s development and wellbeing.
Concerning this referendum, it is to be noted that everything was done according to rule, following the laws of the land, municipal and constitutional, and respecting treaties, that is, international and inter-regional law as well.
The nation’s choice was clear, in that some interfering international and interregional bodies wanted to impose, directly or indirectly, some rules of austerity leading to utter poverty and even malnourishment (upon said sovereign nation), and the people said No.

All was calm.
There were no public-order incidents or great disturbances in the hours preceding or during or after the polls, which took place normally and without violence. Maybe a model of democracy (this referendum) to be shown before the entire concert of the nations of the world, free and not free.

Imperialism’s reaction.
Even though, when the outcome of the polls became known and the world saw that the said result, the said popular victory, was acclaimed as a great victory of the people by the people, calmly and proudly, the above-mentioned international and interregional bodies, more particularly the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the Banks, at once declared war on the Greek Democracy. The reader may peruse the articles of the different capitalist-imperialist mouthpieces and our media generally.
If anything the leaders of Syriza, the representatives of the Greek people, at once, became humble and unprovocative. Capitalism-imperialism’s stranglehold will continue notwithstanding. Bestial in their blindless, they did everything they could to show the poor exhausted Greeks that the siege would be maintained, that Greek Democracy would fall.

Like the performance of a tragedy.
In fact, I could see (in the solemnity of their immediate reply) that the Birds of Prey were now telling the Greeks that their having gone to the polls would bring them further misery. The mouthpieces of imperialism began to mention the possibility of a civil war. Those that still had money, the wealthy people, were going to send their capital abroad. The ‘Greek team’ were incapable of handling the economy. Somone (maybe the military) ought to put a remedy to what was in fact the country’s ruin, etc.
Threats (and not only threats) began to pour in; and at the same time the same mistakes were committed by the western powers concerning Greece, as had been committed since 2010. The reader can peruse the press: austerity, unemployment, a bit of fascism here and there, the powerful banks on the scene. Only, in the past, they had right-wing regimes. They were docile. Capitalism was going easy. Loans were readily supplied.
Now we have in Greece a democratically elected government. And that is why the birds of bad omen are talking of the possibility of a civil war. Perhaps it is being concocted somewhere.

Massive unemployment.
Whether we like it or no, youth shall always be progressive. ‘Ansia de vida y de revolución,’ And when I hear that one half of the Greeks between the ages of eighteen and thirty-eight can find no work and that those in employment fare not much better, I ask myself, ‘What is to be done?’
For me, the answer frankly is nothing. The clutch is to be tightened, the knife will sink more deeply in the nation’s heart, new constraining measures are actually already adopted.
‘You Greeks, get on your knees!’ ‘Fulfil your obligations!’

There is this new fact.
Threats, illegal, totally unjustified threats are being issued. Perhaps I should not enter, at this stage, into questions of criminal law, but I am sure that some mountebanks (International Monetary Fund, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt) are issuing Diktats that amount to criminal threats. Legal actions have been started for less, by the United States of America specially.
As a lawyer and a member (in the past) of a famous Manhattan joint, I have seen actions for threat lodged on fewer grounds. That is to say, a team of well paid attorneys (devoting all their time to it) with plenty of capital, might make these mountebaks feel sorry, issuing threats all the time.
The same with the imposition of austerity on a poor Greek people exhausted and perishing. How do ‘les instances internationales’ (as the French say) define this murdering of an entire people. ‘les crimes contre l’humanité’?
‘Aber,’ I can hear someone saying, ‘The Greeks must fulfil their obligations? Okay.

Let the dead bury their dead.
I am not saying, mind you, that there is not to be retribution. If the banks play with great amounts of money (speculation), it is only just that they should cash what under capitalism is called ‘their just profit.’
But pray, don’t make of this a ‘casus belli.’ For it is about a coming war, as we have said, that we are talking. And this not a bad joke, or an excess of imagination. First, our papers are talking of a civil war. Secondly, history shows that, when you press too much, a simple spark will ignite the powder keg.
Far less serious conflicts started in this manner in the past. Two of them became World Wars, both of which were concocted in Berlin.
This without counting that (from a pure mathematical point of view) what sovereign Greece owes to the Banks is a mere pittance which normally ought not to be given so much importance.

Greece as an instrument of Nato.
Greece, like Spain and many other sovereign nations, now in the Free World, are simple toys of capitalism-imperialism in the ancient fight against communism. This has happened because of the country’s strategic geography.
To belong to the European Economic Community, etc., is concidental with the factor ‘War against Communism.’ Therefore, that notion of ‘a Grexit’ and other similar slogans (which so delight our journalists) is pure nonsense, and should not be repeated.
Greece, we have said, is a member of the military alliance. The Greeks were dragged into the alliance, and then were given the right to call themselves ‘European’, and then suddenly became prosperous. They are not to be blamed for this. As a Spaniard who has lived most of his life outside Spain, I was surprised, after a quarter of a century absence, to see that Spain had been turned (say, after the seventies) into a very prosperous and somewhat powerful country. It was given to her (Spain) as a gift, because of our fight against communism. Now that the Soviet Union has been defeated, it is mean for capitalism-imperialism to want to starve the Greeks.

Grexit my foot!

Now, can anybody imagine a Grexit when (even after the ‘End of History’) we are still trying to get a hold on Georgia, South Ossetia, Sebastopol and Ukraine, at the risk of a war with Russia and China? What is Greece’s fifty billion debt, say, compared with military expense (for Nato) on ‘these strategic’ exercises?
Why and wherefor the German chancellor and the others are showing themselves as such comedians in this ‘Grexit’ Performance, when they know perfectly well that America will not for anything let the Pentagon Bases on the Aegean go, particularly now that Turkey is diving head on into the Middle East very hot conflict?

There is nothing so silly as figures.
We all have been taught to digest ‘números’, numbers, raw symbols which for most of us do not mean anything except sorcery, perhaps, some digital quantities that only specialised people know how to handle. The System delights on this!
To see, as we see every day, these celebrated public figures, performing their wizardry so marvellously at times is to make us grow for the time being in stature, Silicon-Valley supermen.
There are ordinary humans who spend their free time in armchairs, watching television ‘debates’ and other ‘reality shows’, a tumbler in their hand, and believe what they see and hear. They don’t see that capitalism-imperialism is dying and instead repeat like parrots the following: 1. The Greeks are tax-dodgers, they yearly rob the revenue so many millions or billions; 2. The Greeks are lazy, half of their youth are on the dole; 3. The unemployed receive (in Greece) millions of public money; 4. For ten years, before the crisis, the Greeks were living much above their possibilities; 5. besides they are not competitive, for industrial production now is zero; 6. assets amount to that, expenses to this; 7. Greek shipping magnates are robbers: they do not pay taxes; 8. The Greeks spent on the Olympic Stadium of Athens so many billion euros which they didn’t have; and 9. Because of all this, Greece loses yearly so many hundred billion euros (the exact figure was given by a London weekly.)
And so on and so forth. Yes, Greece owes so many billions. So what? It means little or nothing.

Here are some figures.
On this point of National Debt, as everybody knows, the United States of America, the state founded three centuries ago by George Washington, who never told a lie, is today the greatest debtor ever on earth.
In effect, it owes today (to the rest of the Nations of the World) the astronomical amount of eighteen trillion dollars. Talk of figures!!
Or, as professional economists say, the United States of America have been borrowing from the rest of humanity over the years, by the simple means of freely printing tons of their national currency, a sum to the value of eighteen trillion dollars. Today.
Next month, the sum could be nineteen trillions.

In conclusion.
The same set of deciders, in representation of the same hidden forces, have been playing the identical Farce for over five years, prescribing the one line of ‘impositions and obligations’ on their patient, Greece.
For five years then the medicine has failed. Namely austerity (on the people), increased competitiveness (for labour), restrictions (of public services), etc., etc… It has not worked.
You have been leading the nation to ruin. It is supposed there is a debt. A fact, you can say. Greece (you add) now must pay the interest and the principal ‘No Hay Dinero’. And the solution, our clever deciders say, is Saving Money.
How? We can see that the result of this policy is and will continue to be, 1. Massive unemployment, 2. Less consumption, 3. Followed by recession and so on.
Dear actors, performing in this tragedy, you have for over five years obtained nothing but Great Pain, because you have done exactly the opposite of what had to be done.
Work is the Wealth of Nations.


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