Capitalism, imperialism, criminality

'The Economist' tells Americans to increase their military power because they fear the people in the Middle East they have ruined; the Greeks for showing what real democracy is. Dying capitalism would rather blow up the planet than cease dominating.

Capitalism, imperialism, criminality

Fernando García Izquierdo

The purpose of this article is to show that our society, the capitalist-imperialist system, which by some twist of history has come to be known as ‘democratic’ and ‘free’, is entirely based on exploitation. It is certainly not a society based on the general interest of the people. Moreover, it is maintained by force: wars and preparation for war. That the people who head and control said society are not democratic leaders, but usurpers is self-evident.
These usurpers utilise their power, inter alia, for the purpose of accumulating wealth. And from there on, we can say, they have come to own and control, more and more, all or most of the earth and to enslave all the human race.
But there is more to that (and this is the central theme of my writing .) Today the System is badly wounded, a near-cadaver which must be buried, as soon as possible, firstly because it is infecting Life in the planet, and then, because in its fury it may destroy the earth in an apocalyptic way.
I mean that this world, the infinitely small stellar body in which we all live, may lose its biosphere (and humanity with it.) But, of course, the speck of eternal matter in itself will go on, maybe for millions of years. Then Nature will be reborn, Life, and at the end of the chain, animal life and then Reason as well. Let us hope that the new race of humans, millions of years hence, will be really Rational Beings.

The capitalists are terrified.
The above is not at all mere fantasy. At present the human race has reached a state of madness which is leading most people towards the Blow Up. The usurpers who hold power in our society are in a perpetual state of fear. And because they fear the people, they are now demanding that more and more money be spent on weapons: ‘Military Innovation,’ they demand, ‘more money for weapons of mass destruction!’ A ‘Sharper blade.’
In an article that appeared recently in ‘The Economist’ (June 13, 2015), I came across the unbelievable. Indeed, there were in it contentions so absurd and so damaging that, unless there is a change, unless something comes along and puts an end to this madness, these words written by paid sycophants, we shall all be poisoned by the capitalist virus, which will push us head on, down, down onto the ultimate disaster.
I contend that a change is necessary, that such old ideas should be done away with as quickly as possible, that the rotten cadaver of capitalism has to be buried, once for all, and that a new system of society must be born, call it as you will.

I would now, in consequence, like to share with the reader some of my thoughts, the disgust and the sadness that I felt reading said revolting article, and shall allow myself to cite some of the sentences thereof.
There is no indication of who is the author, no name is given, as far as I could gather, and I wonder whether it was not the Devil himself who wrote it.

A smarter killing machine is necessary.
That is what the author says. In order to maintain America’s military pre-eminence on the planet, we must spend millions and billions and soon trillions of paper dollars, on the United States military machine.
No one is unaware of the horrific amounts of dollars spent, for instance, on the Vietnam war, to cite but one of the American wars these sixty to seventy years; everyone knows all the damage that has been caused by that American military pre-eminence which The Economist lauds.
The Americans did not hesitate to use the atom bomb in Japan, in 1945. And on the same (atom bomb) subject, let all the young know that we of the Free World were on the point of blowing up the earth (or at least a part of it), when General Douglas MacArthur was about to drop the bomb on China and Korea, in 1951, feigning not to know that the Soviets also possessed the Bomb, and Stalin would not have hesitated one moment to reply in kind.
This as concerns military technique. As for money, no one will doubt that five or six years after the second world war the Pentagon was already spending, millions and millions on it. So much for the impatience that our British magazine shows. ‘American Military Pre-eminence’, as it frankly calls it!!
‘America needs to spend more on technology’ in order to wage war everywhere; and so on and so forth. Free-world indeed!

‘Military Innovation a sharper blade’
That is the title of the article, by the way, which appears on Page 16 of the mentioned issue of the British magazine.
‘Innovation’ is a word much used by pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical laboratories and giant industry in general in the Free World. For them it implies progress and conquest. Some clever people are employed in it, like the celebrated Doktor Frankenstein of nineteenth-century literature.
Innovation indirectly signifies accumulation, money through patents, etc. and power, oh Power! And it signifies the existence of transnational capitalism-imperialism. Famous names appear, there is play at the stock-exchange… and the lot of our freeworld activism and philosophy.
It means millions and billions and trillions of dollars now. The Federal Reserve. There is no limit to madness. As I write, I read in Time magazine that the United States has reached (in National Debt) the non-despicable figure of $18 trillion (eighteen trillions in deficit.),
Are they going to massacre little Greece for a mingy two or three billion?

Whatever figure we mark as being this and that country’s expenditure in research, patents of invention and other smart doings, not one of them will match (by a long long trek) the United States of America. But it is not only this. The Economist demands more expenditure, nota bene, in order to ensure ‘America’s ability to project overwhelming force around the world.’
To put it graphically (and frankly, I am not quite sure about the grandeur, in numbers, of warmongering horror) the United States, ‘our boys’, have now killed in wars, these sixty odd years, three or four million humans; and the magazine, which does not protest about these killings, demands that smarter killing machines be invented, leading to almost total destruction (on a planetary basis). For this will be the result, if things go on as at present. These bandits would kill every living thing rather than stop their domination.
Are we living in a real world, is this (the horror we are experiencing) real life? Is The Economist expressing the aspirations of real people or the wishes of the capitalists, who only think of profits, becoming richer and richer all the time?
Or have we all already descended into a raging inferno? Having a look at what is happening in the Middle East, one could believe that this is the Apocalypse announced by sacerdotal castes of former times.
More importantly, about all these paid psycophants writing this sort of articles (and they are legion), are they going to be the only ones to be allowed to publish their biased points of view? And are we going to believe them, like sheep?

Innovation and its uses.
In Paris I was once a patent lawyer and an American attorney, too; the head of the European branch of a Manhattan firm in the seventies and early eighties; I got to know quite a bit about money and patents, and took part in that work and rush for innovation. That innovation was almost never a means for helping mankind, but a means to dominate the masses, exploit the people, destroy the earth. Profit is what capitalism seeks. All the rest is, for the system, utterly insignifcant..
Of course, scientific advance is not to be blackened or side-stepped. Other systems and other civilisations have sought progress too, and not in order to secure greater profits for the few, the few who The Economist is telling us must seek advantage by means of smarter, killing machines.
I have said ‘Killing Machines’. By that I mean all that goes with capitalist production, leading to class antagonism, the rich on the one hand and the poor masses on the other. Oh, murderers!
Is there any doubt that, when African or Greek children suffer from malnutrition because the capitalists seek more profit, those that so proceed are simply murderers?
A system of society which is based on the exploitation of the people by a few, who are the few that The Economist wants the American military machine to protect and make stronger (‘military innovation a shaper blade’) lacks legitimacy. In other words, when in a society profit comes before distribution of the wealth produced, leading to mass-unemployment, etc. am I not correct to call the brigands ‘murderers’?
Can Madame Lagarde not understand this? As well as all the previous directors of the International Monetary Fund (one of the guilty devils, this fund), all of whom (i.e., directors) belong or have belonged to the class of the exceedingly rich and powerful, who spend in one night what others don’t spend in one year… can they understand anything about real life and real people?
And to think that The Economist comes now telling us that America must maintain its military pre-eminence through the world… for two centuries, says Harvard University’s Professor Nye! a ‘sharper blade’ indeed!! Plain warmongering is what this is. The policy which has led to horrific war ever since 1950.

Constant and at times total war. Is more demanded?

The first world war came about because a few powerful empires got together (Berlin 1892) and sought to enslave the entire human race. Imperial Germany, pampered at Berlin, then waged war against everybody.
Then came the second world war, which on one hand was a struggle for a new system of society to survive, communism. Twenty million Soviet citizens killed, and still the capitalists were playing with the possibility of Hitler helping them. Until the Soviet victory in Stalingrad in 1943. On the other hand, a fight of all the peoples of the world against fascism. The hope that suffering humanity, too, would have been liberated.
And, oh, great calamity! some zones and regions of the world have never had a moment’s peace, not even after peace was declared in 1945, because capitalism-imperialism, with overwhelming force, stopped ‘los pobres de la tierra’ (in South East Asia, Central America, Africans, for instance) when these wanted to lead a decent life, choosing their own system of society.

Why is capitalism-imperialism now so frightened?
There is a drawing in the same issue of the mentioned magazine (page 16), representing ‘America’ as a huge bird of prey, perching fiercely on the top of a low hill. The bird is obviously haunted by monsters, that the artist shows us in the background of the picture, and not unnaturally it has begun to lose its feathers. But there is clear indication of stubborness in its demeanour: huge bird of prey. Its large eye is vigilant and malevolent, its sharp beak is tight and pointing overhead, and its eight extra-long claws are clutching the earth.
Yet a still sharper blade is demanded! Yes, but who are the imperialists’ enemies in real life?

Is it the Russians that America fears?
Russia, that gigantic chunk of land in eastern Europe and northern and central Asia, is that the enemy, the adversary to use The Economist’s terminology? Or is it Communism that they fear, like in yesteryears? Do they fear the rebirth of a union of socialist republics made up of Russians, Georgians, Chechens, Don Cossacks and all the Soviet people of old, who a hundred years ago won their revolution?
‘During the past decade,’ we read, ‘as America fought low-tech insurgents in Irak and Afghanistan, potential adversaries – such as China, Russia, and even Iran and North Korea – have been making rapid progress.’ That is the main fear, then. Communism.
But it is not only that. The capitalists fear communism because they fear the people, as shown in their disgusting attitude against the Greeks.

Why should the Greeks be feared?
In Greece, without the slightest doubt, the people have voted for revolutionary change. The choice was unanimous, if one discards bought sycophants, opportunists and people seeking to keep their privileges, as there are in all revolutions. Of course, capitalism will not cease to use all sorts of ways and means to fight back. To fight back and humiliate and (maybe) massacre the Greeks, because they said no to oppression, to austerity and specially to unemployment.
For it is there the main reason for the country’s utter poverty: the people are deprived by the System of the fundamental right to work and to earn their living. ‘Le droit au travail’, as the French say.
I said above that the capitalists will ‘fight back’, that they will not allow the Greeks to think and vote freely, because if you listen to the speeches of anticommunists such as the German Chancellor, bankers, financiers and other ‘activists’, it is obvious they are now embarking upon a fresh war against the Greek People.
I know their methods very well. They’ll now try to cause chaos, and will commit a thousand other crimes. It has always been the same: in Spain in 1936, Chile in 1973, Portugal in 1974… and elsewhere.
All to stop the Young from following their natural desire for Life and Revolution. The Greeks are showing the world that society, the state must stand for ‘the common interest’, not be an instrument in the hands of the bankers and the military to stop Progress.
Here is where it is! the horror shown on the face and conduct of that bird of prey The Economist has been kind enough to depict, America! America!
The courageous, wonderful Greek people are showing other Europeans what the meaning of the word Democracy is, precisely a term invented by the Greeks, long ago.
Better to destroy the world than lose our stranglehold! It is the capitalist-imperialists’ motto: and I feel pessimistic, I see war coming. Or, putting it in a somewhat different manner: Bestial capitalism has asked Greece to go back to square one, to re-commence the discussions initiated in 2010, while at the same time we learn (through the media) that they are ‘innovating, creating more and more sophisticated weapons of mass-destruction, a sharper blade.

In Spain, in the spring of 1936 (I was a child of six), people asked one another, in the street and market place, from window to window, everywhere ‘¿Habrá guerra?’ (Will there be war?)


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