USA puts world and humanity at risk


See my reports that show how the USA is on a collision course with humanity, as shown in the murderous tactics used by the fbi,cia,dod.

Below are links to some of my reports online wherein I show that the world and the people are in serious peril or hidden crisis due to unchecked and murderous operations, conflicts, wars, etc., by the USA’s fbi,cia,dod.

The examples of unconscionable crimes by the fbi against me offer an insight into the attitude that the overthrown government here has toward all human beings. Indeed, my reports of abuses of my person 24/7/365 by fbi operatives whom I refer to as sub humans-because their crimes reflect a complete loss or absence of a moral conscience- are a microcosm of the types of inhumane assaults ongoing now against others worldwide.
The reason that people should pay attention to my reports are as follows:

1) As the USA gains political and military power over the world by the use of deadly force, imprisonment, torture, etc., the USA will need to continue to employ the same type of atrocities in order to maintain and expand its powers.

2) Current crimes against humanity committed by the fbi,cia,dod around the world are similar to the ones that I describe in my reports of fbi/cia attacks on me; such crimes include: constant surveillance, uninterrupted for life, life threatening torture by chemicals, biological & viral agents, and by directed energy weaponry (DEW) also 24/7 for life, forced suicide while the victim is being monitored by the fbi,cia,dod, imprisonment (often within the victims’ own home or body), selective assassinations and mass murder, psychological operations where the government sociopaths watch the victim in order to find new ways to harass or provoke him.

The types of such harassment include: destruction of his car repeatedly, tearing up his clothes in his home, discreet tampering with common objects in home and car, causing the victim to question his own sanity and other ‘gas lighting’ techniques which generally destroy the victim’s life in every respect.

3) Once the USA has gained complete control over human beings and over all nations, no opportunity may exist to stop the inhumanity because the USA also champions genetic manipulation and thus controls the destiny of the human species through advances in human genome research.

Below are the links to some of my reports (See also : ).

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