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Teach your children well

Ok class, quiet now please people.
I know everyone's excited.
Tomorrow's a special day for our school.
We've got a very important visitor coming and everyone's got to behave really well.
Tomorrow morning Prince Harry's visiting our school for twenty minutes.
Who can tell me something about Prince Harry?
Yes, he does look a bit like Ed Sheeran. With a tidier haircut and a nicer suit.
No, I don't think Harry can sing or play cool guitar riffs or make up anthemic international hit songs.
So why is he so special?
Well, actually, you know, he's really just like one of us. You'll see that when he comes. He walks and blinks and breathes in and out.
Yes, he probably does go to the toilet, but we won't talk about that.
If he's really just like us then what's the big deal?
Well, Prince Harry's royal, who can tell me about that?
Yes, royal's have a lot of money.
Yes, millions and millions of dollars.
Yes, and houses and land and castles
Well, yes,I suppose they did work very hard to get all their money and stuff ,royals do a lot of charity work.
Yes, charity money is supposed to go all to charity. Anyway, royals do other things, Harry's in the army, soldiers get paid.
Well, not quite millions and millions of dollars. No , I don't know exactly how much soldiers get paid.
Yes, they do get paid to kill people. Yes, I understand Harry has helped kill people in Afghanistan. But only really really bad people.
Well, they were bad because they did bad things, they were trying to kill the English soldiers who were in Afghanistan.
Yes, the English soldiers would have been safer if they'd stayed in England, anyway, don't ask him about that.
Because I said so.


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