New Zealander Mark Taylor is not a Jihadi!


The Media is using the kiwi Mark Taylor as the Kiwi Jihadi.
As part of their propaganda campaign.
While New Zealander is living within the ISIS territory.

Mr Mark John Taylor aka Muhammad Daniel, Abu Abdul Rahman.

Is currently employed as a School Teacher in Ar Raqqa, Syria.

He says, he emigrate to the Islamic state in October 2014.

He accidentally revealed 1 GPS location of a internet café that made world headline's in the beginning of 2015.

Only after he deleted 45 junk tweets from Twitter.

The world media and the intelligence services are digging through trash tweets, only to lie and make their money stories for a profit; Mr Taylor said.

I wonder suing Jeff Weyers from Ibrado for defamation, once I arrive back in New Zealand.
He's intelligence is only based on the internet, not on the ground. Interesting theory from Jeff.

As to the Anzac video, that was freedom of speech, Mr Taylor claims.
I've never claimed tobe a fighter or a Jihadi, but again the media defamation me.

Every time a media reporter contacts me, it's the same poor excuse:

We want to hear your side of the story, it's never that way, it's their way or the highway! Mr Taylor says!

Mr Taylor said, he loves posing with weapons especially with a AKM.

I think the nz prime minister John key has mislead the public again. JK is open in the Middle East what he's plan's are! But not in New Zealand!


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