Iran nuclear agreement reminds of need for nuclear disarmament

Letter to editor connecting the moral and practical imperative of nuclear disarmament by nuclear weapon states in relation to benefits from the recently concluded agreement with Iran and their nuclear program.

The Editor
The Dominion Post
06 April, 2015

Dear Editor,

Phil Goff’s (Labour spokesperson for disarmament) motion in Parliament last week on the coming Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference (NNTRC) is provocative in its timing and is worth repeating:
“That this House urge nuclear weapons States at this year’s NNTRC in New York in April to fulfil their side of the bargain they struck 45 years ago in signing a treaty to eliminate their nuclear weapons in exchange for other nations not proliferating nuclear weapons, and calls on them to now act to honour their unequivocal undertaking to disarm under article VI of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.”

The moral validity, and in consequence practical promise, of the recently concluded agreement on the conditions for a negotiation with Iran to eliminate their possible movement toward becoming yet another nuclear weapons state, depends primarily upon the nuclear weapons states disarming their nuclear weapons. No fundamental credibility in criticising others’ nuclear weapons exists with a nuclear armed state.

Richard Keller
13 Endeavour St.
Wellington 6022


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