Roll on, madness!

Capitalism and terrorism twin destinies. Individual/group crime follows anarchy and wars. Imperialism brings conflict, murder, massdestruction. Dismantling Soviet communism led to Twin Towers-like terror as substitute to needed hope for disinherited

Roll on, madness!

Fernando García Izquierdo

The state of the case.
In my opinion two events have come to alter the course of history these past two decades more than any other. The first was the dismantling of a worthless Soviet Union, as from 1991, by a set of worthless communists marching head-on to their own perdition and that of their nation. The second was the felling in a question of minutes, with nearly-perfect synchronization, about ten years later, of a great capitalist centre, known as the Twin Towers, by just a couple of very skilful and determined suicides.
With the end of the first socialist state ever, a state which at the time of its vaporizing was the second military power on earth, the unbelievable happened. Two thirds of the inhabitants of the earth were left helpless, abandoned, in dismay. Communism was seen then as a hope for ‘los pobres de la tierra’; communism was a dream in the minds of the disinherited masses, the oppressed all over.
A universal ideal went down, sent to the doldrums. And what an ideal! the possibility of the common ownership of goods, the use of the earth in common; the philosophy of ‘las gentes sencillas’: utimately we all shall belong to the earth and the earth itself to nobody.
With the grinding into dust in a few moments by two trained pilots of such a monumental illumination, such a ‘maravilla’ as was the Trade Center, always prominent in pictures of New York, we, ordinary humans, fell in disbelief, trembled, suffered, wept. The ‘event’, besides, sent at once and for evermore, the wealthy few in a tizzy.
The quasi-religious belief that a section of the human race are the Chosen of the Lord, while the masses must forever be enslaved, had been so entrenched in the minds of the élite that, after the instant collapse of the New York towers, it became impossible to believe any more in the system.
But it was not merely fear, this confusion, this madness, the only evil the terrorists had brought into existence that unhappy day. One other result of the felling of the proud twin towers was that the United States of America panicked and showed what it represented. At once from the higher spheres of power a dangerous decision was taken, i.e., ‘to lift the painted veil that had somehow for centuries been called Democracy’. From then on constitutional rights would be trampled with and international law would flounder like mud. Since 1991 the only remaining world power does not bother about things universal. ‘Me, me, me! I’m God!’ Like respecting human rights, for instance, practising torture, adopting criminality.

An autographical note.
I have often been taxed by my friends with ‘being a communist’, and no doubt some of my readers may see in the above few lines a certain animosity against what is known as the free world. Therefore, in order to show how wrong the accusation is, I shall now give a few details of the person and character of this writer, so that I can advance herein unveiled, so to say.
There was in my country, fifteen months and four days after my birth, an election where the people freely chose a socialist government, a Republic which began to operate on April 14, 1931, and did fairly well, considering that in the world at large there was what we called the Great Depression, which brought massive unemployment, misery and famine all over including the United States of America.
The Rich in my country (Spain) immediately began to writhe in despair and fought by all possible means the democratic change. They wanted to have the country for themselves, exactly as it had always been.
A Conspiracy against the will of the Spanish people was soon in march, and not only in Spain. Portugal had preceded Spain in the way to fascism. And, as it is well known, Italy and German were two powerful fascist states in Europe. One of our most famous philosophers, Ortega y Casset, after years of studying in Germany, published a book against the working classes, in which he said that Spanish workers were lazy, the masses were no go, ‘they just sank their heels in the sand and become rebelious’, a power elite is absolutely necessary.
In 1936 there was a new general election. A union of left parties won, this time with a clear indication that the socialist way of government was demanded by the entire working classes.
An old general who had been an important figure during the monarchy was sent to Lisbon as a precaution, but it served no purpose. Instead another general was named by the plotters. Everybody knew him, he was called by the people el Conspirador, Emilio Mola Vidal, a very cruel man who at once began to prepare the coup d’état. Almost all the generals and the majority of the military were ready to betray their oath, betray their fatherland and immerse the whole land in a bloodbath.
Apart from the military the conspirators had the support of the old deposed king, who lived in Rome, of the aristocracy, landowners, finance, the church and the police and paramilitary. Many of these traitors had been making forays to Berlin and Rome to seek the necessary aid ‘le moment venu’.
The War of Spain lasted from July 17, 1936, to April 1, 1939, and caused a million deaths, a figure which was given by the fascists themselves, who won the war and were very proud of their conduct therein. They even baptised the year 1939 ‘El Año de la Victoria’. Expression to be written henceforth upon every document; even in private letters it was obligatory to use it.
The war had started with a putsch in Melilla, Spanish Morocco, where the main body of the army was based. A few days before the putsch the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sent a special plane from London to the Canary Islands for the purpose of transporting the youngest general (Francisco Franco Bahamonte) from Tenerife to Melilla where the largest portion of the army was ready. The Engish pilot of the plane took him to Morocco. Franco assumed command of the rebellious troops. Those among the military who raised the slightest objection were murdered.
Spanish and world reaction were greatly surprised when the Spanish workers at once replied against the rebelion by taking command of the Comandancias of all the main cities in the country, ready to give their lives in defence of democracy. ‘¡Socialism o Muerte!’ they cried, ‘¡No pasarán!’
But it was without counting with capitalism-imperialism’s criminality. The very day of the putsch, Fascist Italy joined in the war. Italian aviation was sent to Morocco and was instrumental in the landing of all the colonial army (plus several regiments of the Moorish indigenous troops serving the Spaniards.) Nazi Germany then followed suite. Spain was invaded by foreign armies, bombed by foreign aviation.
At the same time Great Britain ordered her Royal Navy to blockade the Spanish coast to ensure that the democratic-socialist republic would not receive arms from abroad. The French government closed the country’s border with Spain, the Pyrenees. Thousands of brave men and women who from all countries now reached France with the intention of going into Spain to fight with the workers against fascism were stopped by the ‘gendarmerie’ and sent back or into jail. In Texas and other States of the Union, the capitalists began to plot and organised large convoys to make sure that the fascists in Spain would not be short of oil and capital. The Rebel Government was quickly recognised by all the capitalist-imperialist countries. Only Mexico and the Soviet Union helped the legitimate, democratic Spanish republic.
In 1940, when the fasists had won the war, my father, who was a civil servant in the service of the rebel-government, was transferred to the capital Madrid, and there went our family of five. I was then ten years old. What a rather small school boy then saw, and what he felt, has been the subject of a long (unpublished) novel, and I will not now touch the subject. Only to say that Madrid was a complete ruin, caused mainly by the bombing of German planes and Italian and German armies: these two countries were already preparing the second world war (a fact already well known by all) and had to train their soldiers and get new armaments ready.
Having defeated democracy, the Spanish fascists, representing the Rich, cried aloud, ‘Tenemos otra vez España’ (In our Hands the Country is again’. The dictatorship that followed was horrible for the people. However, in the Spring of 1953, the president of the United States of America, General Eisenhower, made a trip to Madrid to give our Caudillo the accolade that would in time give Spain the right to enter the Free World, and become member of the military North Atlantic club, etc.
I have always known that I owe General Eisenhower very much. Indeed, it was coincidental with this very official visit (and thanks to the fact that by then my father was one of the highest police commissioners of the regime) that I was allowed to secure the many official documents and certificates needed for any journey abroad. Anyhow, one day of the spring of that same year of 1953 I was arriving in London, a journey which would change my life. Let me add, however, that neither in Spain, then, nor anywhere in all my life, wherever I have lived, did I belong to any political party or any branch of any revolutionary or semi- revolutionary movement. In fact, I have only been, in some big capitals, a member of some leftist circles of poets, and that because of my love for literature, not politics.

‘Progress’ for the worse.
The two world-shaking events mentioned above must now be analysed separately, for (despite the comparison I’ve just made) they are quite different things.
I have seen madness practically all my life . But these two crazy events we have pointed out, in my opinion, must be signalled, not as being equal, but as having the same effects. That is why I put them together in the same article. They are alike in their madness, that yes. And they are having alike consequences.

The worst is the collapse of marxian thought.
And so, the first example of communism in real life in the whole world, came to an end in the nineties. With the end of the Soviet Union the hegemony of capitalism-imperialism became absolute. A professor of the university of Harvard has just written a book on the subject, and he has expressed all this very well, saying that with the collapse of Soviet communism, which for fifty years (he says) was the second world power and the only obstacle to free-world values, America’s rule over the entire world has become possible, it must be sublimised. Nothing must now change, he adds.
Now then, aren’t those Russian opportunists, revisionists and outright traitors ashamed of what they did? I hope that no one reading this article will disagree with me, when I say that this absolute domination now by America, the imposition of capitalist-imperialist Values all over, upon the entire human race as he seems to imply, is a great tragedy. To propound ex-catedra, from Harvard or wherever, that American undisputed domination must be prolonged for another century, as our professor does, is crazy, dangerous. It should naturally be reined in.
Guys of that caliber (and even worse elements from the capitalist jungle) rushed to Moscow in 1991, and were instrumental in the dismantling of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They at once placed whoever they liked in the Kremlin and brought into power whomsoever they chose, drunkards and the like. It was only because at some moment Putin entered onto the scene that the catastrophic descent into the inferno could be stopped. But, as for the traitors, the Gorvachovs, Yeltsins and others, oh, how gladly did they hand the keys of the Kremlin to the American enemy.
Graphically a representation of Velázquez’s ‘La Rendición the Breda’ came to my mind that day in the nineties. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the Spaniards owned the Low Lands. But the Dutch rebelled against submission. It was protestantism that led them, always religion. The immortal work of art depicts a historical moment, a grand event for the Spaniards of the time. The fifth of June, 1625, the Spaniards put an end to the resistance. And you can visualise the moment looking at the painting in the Museo del Prado in Madrid. In the very large canvas we see the Dutch Justin de Nassau stooping, passing the keys of the fortress to the Spaniard Ambrosio de Spínola. Voilà the last president of the Soviet Union, I said to myself, gazing at the Prince of Nassau. That is how capitalism finally defeated communism.

What about the Soviet people?
When I asked, in the nineties, the Russians I met trudging the beaten tracks of the Free World, hoping to obtain from them some explanation concerning the (for me) absurd aptitude of the people, leading to such a catastrophe, no one of the ex-Soviet citizens could give me an answer; or if they did reply, no one gave a sound reason of why they had abandoned communism. They all were and are still, stupefied. Here go some of their ambiguous responses: ‘We wanted to know.’ ‘We didn’t know what it was like to be rich.’ ‘The Free World...’ ‘We could not freely eat plenty of bananas and kiwis over there’, and this sort of thing. Once I heard: ‘They had told us (Party had) that capitalism was bad; but it now turns out it is twice as bad as what they said.’
In a word, the inhabitants of the communist countries had discovered when tourism began to change things in the sixties and seventies, that the capitalists on the other said of the iron curtain were rich, elegant, spendthrift, etc., and… Well, as often happens, the Devil succeeded in tempting them. ‘Come, come, here is gold! They too wanted to be spendthrifts, money! Who doesn’t? The bolchevik revolution had on its day liberated the Russian people and the people of other nations from exploitation and dire poverty. That was clear. A new system of society had taken root in 1917. Thanks to communism ‘Russia’ became in just a few decades great and powerful. And the people (sad to say) had understood nothing. It is always the same. And understanding what real values are, you know, should not be too difficult (homo sapiens.) And having understood you have to work for them (real values.) In a word, one must work. You call it, to struggle for socialism. The Cuban people understood this.

The events of 1917.

Let me go back to that very important day and ‘understanding’. It became at once known among western intellectuals that a good social experiment was taking place in the east. They flocked into Russia to see it for themselves. The American writer and journalist John Reed wrote a book entitled ‘Ten Days that Changed the World’. He was a privileged witness of the glorious events of those days in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And it was true that the world had changed. They proclaimed it. With the triumph of the revolution over Imperial Russia, something great was happening.
Coming back home all those intellectuals confirmed that they had seen a fundamental change, something positive not only for the Russian people: for the human race. Romain Rolland, Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Rabindranath Tagore, Sunyat Sen, Einstein and a host of other famous thinkers.
And what happened after that? After the start of the second world war, the victory of the peoples of the world over fascism was assured by the continuous advance of the Red Army in eastern Europe after the Battle of Stalingrad. No wonder the Soviet people called the struggle, ‘The Great Patriotic War.
Indeed, while the capitalist-imperialists were still dithering, the Soviets liberated east and central Europe single-handed and even conquered Berlin. Once again the people of all Europe thanked and praised communism. In France, Italy and many other countries almost all were communists or communist sympathisers (whom capitalist propaganda called fellow-travellers).
But the Rich of what came to be known as the Free World rushed with their armies after the war (Greece is a case in point, there are others) and then spent billions in propaganda to ensure that capitalism-imperialism would continue to reign supreme everywhere and communism would be contained in what they called already ‘the Iron-Curtain’ East. All that, by the way, had been established even with the German Reich, as long back as 1992, in the Berlin Conferences. Countries in Africa, specially, but also in Asia and other places, were then (1992) destined to be forevermore dependencies of the rich imperialists of Europe. The oppressed people of the colonies secured independence and freedom (when they did) only because bolchevism had triumphed in its day and because the Soviet Union helped in the sixties, seventies and eighties. It represented immense expense for Moscow and caused, of course, some resentment among the Russian workers, who had to make great sacrifices to help other (poorer) people. In fact, there were liberation movements, in all the colonial countries, valiantly fought and cruelly repressed by still-rampant colonialism. In history, what happened, what will be remembered in years to come?
It is an undeniable fact that the Soviet Union always helped as much as it could in order to ensure the liberation of those suffering people. It was (the whole world shall eternally remember) thanks to the bolcheviks’ victory in 1917, that all the progress against oppresion, in near and faraway countries, was achieved. Had there not been communism, the colonial countries would have gone on being colonial for at least twenty years more. Even so, the capitalist-imperialists succeeded, on the sly, in having neo-colonialism implanted in some of the most unfortunate (now the poorest) countries of Africa, Asia and the Americas. All the submission continued because of London, Paris, Washington and (unbelievable though in may seem) those two institutions, ‘world bodies’ founded during the Bretton Woods Conferences of 1944: the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

About the Russians in the Free World.
Reverting to the question of how the people liberated from former communist Russia fare (it is impossible to say how they think), I shall now relate an anecdote. My elder brother, a former member of the United Nations retired about twenty years ago to the wonderful Costa del Sol, in Spain, where he has ever since lived in opulence. His wife unfortunately fell ill with Alzheimer. For nearly twelve years he had a most useful hard-working Russian servant who did the cleaning, the cooking, washing, ironing, and on top of all that, she was a very skilful nurse of the invalid wife (who was finally condembed to be permanently in bed), both day and night.
‘How did you find her?’ I asked in admiration.
Explaining things to me, my brother said: ‘You only have to place an advertisement in the local press like this:, ‘criada para todo – tiene que hablar ruso.’ (‘Servant for all kind of work, must speak Russian.’)
‘Isn’t that forbidden by the law, to particularise?’ I asked, and he replied, ‘Yes, to ask for this or that race, or nationality or colour, things like that, is not allowed. But you overcome ‘esa pequeña dificultad’ by using the formula I told you. It is supposed that a rich Russian family of expatriates has placed the ad, and that the missus doesn’t speak Spanish, you see?’
A few observations here. The Costa del Sol is full of rascal Russian millionaires, on the one hand, as you will have understood from what I’ve said before. Secondly legions and legions of indigent Russian and Ukrainian women have gone down to ‘Rich Andalucia’ offering themselves, ‘para lo que se ofrezca’. And here we have the imperial Russian of old come to live on the Blue Mediterranean coast.
If brave Vladimir Ulianov got to know this, under the earth or in heaven, the great revolutionary would turn in his grave, or in paradise, where he’d ask permission from God to come back to earth and make another October Revolution!

By the way, this consequence of the shameful handing by Gorbachov, Yeltsin and other traitors of the Keys of the Kremlin to the capitalists, has produced the same disastrous effects in Poland and the other liberated countries, including East Germans, poor Ossis!
In the historical town of Castile where I used to have an apartment with my wife, the most beautiful whores happened to be escapees from Bulgaria. A couple of them, nasty immoral women, have managed to destroy a few legal marital unions of long standing.
And most of the Polish plumbers, the Rumanian gypsies, the Hungarian pianists, Latvian lorry-drivers, Slovak doctors and Czech lawyers who also flocked to the West are not as happy as they thought they would be. Voilà le Monde Libre!

But about my brother’s Russian servant, she had been under communism a highly specialised quasi-engineer. Her husband had been a qualified first-rate engineer. After Russia’s entry in the Free World he took to the bottle and drank gallons of vodka, until one day he was found dead in the street. She then flew to Berlin and then to Malaga. Their only son (also an engineer), who had been paid by some contract-financiers, had escaped to the West even before the communist collapse; his wife ran away in Berlin, left their child with him. The girl, eighteen (with a new mother, also Russian) fell into a terrible depression, started wasting away.

Can I really say that America has engaged in criminality?
Why, the proof of institutional crime having entered the System, the proof that law and delinquency (in the United States) are one and the same thing, has sufficiently been provided, now, by Snowden and others. I need not prove anything therefore. I shall say something on the subject however in order to clarify one aspect of my thought.
As I see it, terrorism and capitalism-imperialism go hand in hand, and this is the theme of this article. Now, in the continous horror we have been seeing since the freeworld invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, on the one hand the terrorists, on the other the capitalists, both have been so very keen on savage war, murder and destruction all over the Middle East that (I am sure) there is not a sound person in the entire planet who is not horrified by the criminality of both ‘parties’.
It is a fact (by the way) that President Bush collaborated with the Taliban when it was a question of ‘dislodging’ the Soviets from the region. He should have realised then (when he received contributions) that if the Bin Laden family owned those many millions (to help stop communism in Afghanistan) the bug would catch New York some day.
I was tempted (when writing the above paragraph) to put an added thought about religion, but I wondered whether I might not have been misunderstood. To go in this matter upon ‘le fait religieux’ as the French journalists pedantically say, would have unduly lengthened this article. Indeed, when did we start using religion, Christian,Muslim or Jew without discrmination, to make sure we demolished communism. In 1919 with the Balfour Declaration?
More importantly, easier to prove, outright criminality. The very functioning of our so-called democratic system is best when crime and anticomunism is ideally combined, as when we made sure that in Nicaragua there wouldn’t be a second Cuba.
As a student, international law is what I liked most. It is really not a law, in that the parties are as a rule the states and there is nothing really above them. At least there had never been any sanctioning power above ‘America! America! America! (I mean, after 1944), and when you learn now that the United States government agencies have relentlessly been committing crime after crime after crime and… well, your spirit shudders.

What is to be done?
With the advent of communism, first with the (unsuccessful) revolutions of 1845, and then with the bolchevik revolution of 1917, the Rich and the Reactionaries of the entire world united. Since then, official or unofficial crimes of the type above-referred to, have never ceased. The reader may consult this in history books. The very terrorists that destroyed communism in Afghanistan also destroyed the trade centre of capitalism in New York. Bush knew that he needed the help of religion, and he sought this help in the Pakistani mountains, from where the Taliban came. The same Pakistani mountains where afterwards the Yanks searched for their former ally, Osama bin Laden, to kill him. By the way, the millionaire bin Laden family also had contributed to the presidential elections of father and son. But enough of this. We had better pass on to another subject.
After 1991, there being no longer any Soviet Union, as professor Nye so happily points out in his book, the United States found the way in general very easy. American Domination (I believe) is the expression our professor uses.
Very well. We are very rich, that is true. But I don’t think that proves that God is with us, even if Wojtyla did convince us of that during his pontificate. Now, where do we go from here?
The professor doesn’t say anything about the wars, the horrors we are hearing about all the time. He is happy that America stands supreme (and now alone, a solitary world power, as he points out.) On the Pinacle of Power.
He says that the United States has now had a whole century of absolute supremacy. Let us not relax, let us go on for another century. That is the theme of his book. Is there a greater stupidity?
At bottom he’s worried about China’s threat; but he is confident. He knows that at the Federal Reserve there is an excellent Ms.Yellin, ready to print United States paper currency. He doesn’t bother about that deficit of trillions. Nor have I heard that other Harvard professors care about how the money is printed by the Federal Reserve. Probably they all are patriotic, and if they are and want America to win, to dominate, as our professor says, they must know that money is needed. We all know. As the French say, ‘l’argent est le nerf de la guerre’.

In these circumstances we can expect more terror both in the West and in the East. So, here is where we stand. Lots of murder and destrucion, and tomorrow it will be worse.
They said that the Americans, as a consequence of so many of ‘our boys’ having fallen like flies in Vietnam, would learn the lesson. But in the end they learned nothing, despite the immense defeat they suffered at the hands of relatively few communists, and went on making wars everywhere. Yes, they learned ‘to go digital’ in matters of war and destruction. Now they use all the science of which they are masters and send drones to kill and destroy instead of the boys… except a few, like the hero of Clint Eastwood’s film, American Sniper.


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