Black Night Floating

On the bus home

Black night floating down easy down heading home on the bus after a godgiven easypeasy very boozy lovely groovy afternoon gig
Young lady on the bus on the seat in front
thick nuggety black on her eyes, nice zebra dress nice platform shoes, nice shampooed shiny hair
not happy with all that work, looking very agitated.
I wanted to lean over and say hey, I hope your night goes ok.
If I'd had another wine at the gig I would have but I just sat there
thinking hey look you're young, you have time to make up for stuff that doesn't happen, you have heaps of time. It's not all that important anyway
if I'd had yet another free wine at the gig I may have blubbered that out too,
then she pressed the button and made the orange light go bing
and got off
I then leaned over, sort of in relief and, honestly, not meaning too, farted very loudly, causing the remaining people in the bus to look disgusted
a couple of them grunted as they looked over at me
I didn't mind the oprobrium,
I knew I'd got off lightly


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