Troops to Iraq: Labour has second thoughts

A revealing speech from Labour's leader

A copy of this speech has just been forwarded, it is reliably said to be the second thoughts of Andrew Little

“The decision of any Government to send troops to a conflict zone is a very serious one, and it is right that this House takes time to consider it, and debate it.
Yesterday, as leader of the Labour party, I took part in this parliamentary debate. I had a lot to say about the barbabrism, brutality and evil of the Islamic state.
I pointed out that ISIS call themselves Islamic State, but they are not a State. They want to establish a caliphate, a medieval form of social organisation and control. They are not within a single border; they run across borders.
IASIS is not confined to Iraq. It is in Syria, it is Libya, and—as we know, and as the Prime Minister acknowledged—its adherents can turn up anywhere in the world. Islamic State is a repository of the dispossessed, the marginalised, the fanatical, the extreme, and, yes, the evil, but it is not a conventional enemy and the circumstances in which we are being asked to fight it or train others to fight it in Iraq are not conventional.
I don’t retract any of that, however, after reflecting last night, I would like to add another couple of points.
When speaking in the debate I should have also condemned the main source of barbabrism, brutality and evil in the region. Beside the barbabrism, brutality and evil of US imperialsm ISIS are rank amateurs
US imperialism wants to establish economic organisation and control. They are not within a single border; they run across borders. They have been at this for many decades and there is no part of the globe not in some way oppressed by US imperialism, today,in particular they are the Middle East. They are not there to establish democracy, they are there to steal other people’s oil resources.
Before US imperialism invaded the Middle East there were fewer problems in that region. In fact US imperialism has previously armed the very forces it now opposes.
Labour is not only opposed to NZ sending troops to Iraq. We are opposed to any big power interference in the region, including interference masquerading as ‘peace keeping’ or ‘humanitarian aid’

In conclusion mister speaker,
Labour says: US out of Iraq now! Down with US imperialism!
Labour says: Workers of all lands, unite against US imperialism!
Thank you mister speaker”


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