Recent Attacks By fbi's. DEW/ELF Weaponry


Here are a few effects on me by fbi high tech, secret, deep space based weapons.

Aggravation of service connected injuries:

Degenerative disc disease which now causes spinal nerves to disfunction to threaten leg muscles to atrophy and apparent, partial paralysis of legs. Doctors say they don't understand, or perhaps doctors do not tell all.

Total loss of hearing, except hearing aid helps when very close to my ears.

Loss of much short term memory.

Fbi threatens dementia to which I am alert.

Sleep deprivation to a level of 10, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being most severe.

Mood swings.

Fbi also monitors brain waves to guage my state of mind.

This report is for the record. Thanks to RAMOLA D & to BARBARA HARTWELL for their assistance. Thanks also to BARBARA for the FBI/NOT banner..


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Intestinal are assuaged by

When one discover that he must not report fbi crimes to police, 'she riff , State Police, etc., because these thugs with badges refuse to speak, refuse one's report, harass/threaten and invite one to get out, then one realize that he lives in a GULAG in USA.

I forgot to mention my service connected coronary artery disease which was caused by Agent Orange & is aggravated by DEW/ELF.
Understand that USA & fbi death squads are largely machines so that human sentiments are absent, thereby relieving fbi assassins of responsibility.

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