DLANZ Lack of General Leaders Debate say Disabled in NZ Election Review 2014

Recommendation General Election, a General Leaders Debate consisting of Main Political Parties… as like in previous elections, prior to 2011, be a Mandatory requirement. On all Television, including Maori Television for Te Triti o Waitangi.

DLANZ Submission to NZ Select Committee NZ Electoral Review 2014
12 February 2015
To The Justice and Electoral Committee
Kia ora: My name is Doug Hay, and I write for this submission both as a citizen of Aotearoa NZ born Disabled / Nga Hauaa and as Coordinator for DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ. This is an organization representing a body of those who live in the frame you know as ‘Disability’, where our Impairments are our primary source of identity. Our philosophy is based on the concept Able Bodied plus Disabled equals Able Minded and (in our view) is at the core of the Social Model of Disability where it’s Society who disables people with and without impairments. Now and in the future

Lack of General Leaders Debate
Thank you for this opportunity to address concerns ‘we’ have had over Elections 2011 and subsequently 2014. DLANZ believe these Elections did not give a ‘clear mandate’ as Prime Minister John Key states. We feel the result highlights that nearly 25% of the voting population did not vote. Also the Leadership debates were not the ‘General’ model; instead both John Key (National) and Phil Goff / David Cunliffe (Labour) excluded other political parties from genuine debating over such issues
The Media and the Political Parties need to recognize the result of a televised Presidential styled ‘shows’ has left Aotearoa NZ, even more disenchanted and disempowered than ever I remember how important it was for people, who for whatever reason, needed the integrity of an impartial media / medium was reliant before they would choose.
The 2011 model FAILED and people must not accept thus should happen again. I know there are rules and regulations supposed to protect the rights under Electoral Acts etc but that slips and the population suffers. DLANZ Disabled view this decision being done “in house”, restricts disabled people’s access to independent communication. Even the simple ability to get up and change radio channels is physically difficult for many. It helps isolate those disabled who can’t get out and denies those (especially our Kaumatua and Kuia) where radio and television help empower through information
Recommendation That at the next General Election, a General Leaders Debate consisting of the Main Political Parties…those In Parliament and or has a high popularity, as like in previous elections, prior to 2011, be a Mandatory requirement. Also this should be done on all Television, including Maori Television in obligation to Te Triti o Waitangi.
The Electoral Commission identified other areas of barriers to disabled participation in your Previous Reviews 2011 like access communicative devices etc, and the input from those bodies better represent those concerns. That said, this is an important issue when exercising a Citizens Right…..Kia Kaha Nga Hauaa…Disabled People Be Strong
Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require.
Kind Regards
Doug Hay


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As part of; Operation Tracey Marry Doug 2013....Stop Poverty...Feed the Kids....Merge NZ Disability Strategy Whakanui Oranga 2001 into all Treaties / Waitangi etc
Papatuanuku te Matua o te Tangata...Mother Earth is Mans Parent..kia ora

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