2014: the Indymedia year in review


The 2014 year has been pretty amazing when you look back over the events and issues that have dominated the headlines here and overseas: from deep sea oil drilling to detention centres to boycott and divestment to war in Gaza and war in Iraq.

It has been an intense year of awesome victories and horrifying tragedies for social, environmental and economic justice. Here’s a round up of just a few of the stories that the Indymedia community has covered this year.

January - Kohi-tātea

January 17 – Indymedia reports on more of the Snowden leaks as new questions arise about the GCSB’s access and use of data following revelations about a programme sweeping up the world’s text messages.

January 23 - Members of Oil Free Wellington have taken to the water to oppose Anadarko’s plans to survey the Pegasus Basin off the coast of Wellington for deep sea oil and gas. The two Oil Free Wellington members entered the water at 10.30am alongside the seismic surveying vessel the MV Duke.

January 24 – Oil Free Wellington holds community protest march against deep sea oil marching on the offices of Texas oil company Anadarko.

January 30 - An young man is going to be deported to his likely death - to save the country $1500 a month. Indymedia reports on the status of refugees and migrants.

February - Hui Tangaru

February 12 - Members of Oil Free Wellington have today served the Captain of the MV Duke with a trespass notice signed by Wellingtonians opposed to deep sea oil drilling in the Pegasus Basin.

February 18 - Indymedia reports on the tragedy at Manus Island. One person has been killed and dozens have been injured at the Manus detention centre, one of the detention centres operated by the Australian government to detain people seeking asylum.

February 22 - A protest against the Israeli Batsheva Dance Company was organised by Palestinian rights groups. Batsheva is an integral part of Israel’s Brand Israel public relations campaign. The dance company receives funding from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has described Batsheva as ‘the best known global ambassador of Israeli culture’.

March - Poutū-te-rangi

March 7 - a family was evicted from their Housing New Zealand home of 33 years in Glen Innes. They resisted this unjust eviction. The family are being evicted as part of the ‘redevelopment’ of the area. Although the eviction was originally due for next year, HNZ are evicting her family for alleged “anti-social behaviour”. The mother of the family is a known opponent to the ‘redevelopment’ of her community and we believe this to be the reason her eviction date was moved forward.

March 15 Anarchists and their supporters gathered in Wellington weekend for, what might have been, the first Anarchist Bookfair to be held in New Zealand.

March 27 – Commemoration of the 30-year anniversary of the bombing of Trades Hall and the murder of Trade Unionist Ernie Abbott.

April - Paenga-whāwhā

April 2 West Papua Action - Wellington and Auckland New Zealand demonstrators called for the release of all Papuan political prisoners as actions took place outside the Indonesian Embassy in London, and also in Scotland, the Netherlands and Australia.

April 2 Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges offered up 405,000km2 of land and sea to oil and gas companies committing his government to further crimes against the planet just two days after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reiterated once again that climate change is a reality for communities across the globe.

April 21 Rio Tinto wins 2013 Roger Award. Sky City Casino second, Chorus third.
The seven finalists for the 2013 Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand were: ANZ, Chorus, IAG Insurance Group, Imperial Tobacco, Rio Tinto, Sky City Casino and Talent 2.

April 23 - Protesters egged Prime Minister John Key's ministerial BMW as it collected him from a state housing development in Napier.

April 25 Militarisation in the Pacific: Women, Peace and Security a regional meeting convened by WILPF Aotearoa covered two days of information sharing through panels, workshops and presentations, and one day of work on WILPF activity in the region.

May - Haratua

May 19 Prime minister John Key has formally acknowledged that the GCSB provides information that is used in the US assassination programme called the 'drone wars'.

May 22 The High Court quashed a decision by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that would have allowed developers of genetically modified crops to bypass New Zealand’s GM laws.

May 23 NZ-US joint military exercises on - During the exercise, RNZAF and the New Zealand Army will train jointly with artillery, gunnery and engineers, as well as combat support units, to synchronise efforts and resources while demonstrating agility and adaptability for future combat environments.

June - Pipiri

June 6 – Workers betrayed again reports Don Franks, ‘Solid Energy are set to kick 137 staff and 50 contractors out of their jobs at the Stockton coalmine near Westport.’

June 20 – Indymedia reports that the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has received government approval to acquire up to 8,800 new rifles to replace the in-service Steyr 5.56 mm weapon.

June 28 - Members of the newly formed Poneke Action Against Poverty and many others got out onto the streets to protest at the national party's big shindig at Te Papa. While newly formed, PAAP managed to get a good crowd and lots of energy for harassing the 'filthy Tories.'

June 29 People opposing New Zealand´s involvement in the so-called "drone wars" staged a die-in complete with a large predator drone outside the National Party Conference at Michael Fowler Centre during John Key´s closing speech Sunday.

July - Hōngongoi

July 16 - Workers lose a staunch champion. Con Devitt died aged 86.
Con was a staunch socialist working class fighter, the like of which this country has seen too few. Leader of the Boilermakers union and later, the Trade Union Federation, Con improved the lives of many workers and inspired many of the young activists lucky enough to know him.

July 18 – We rallied against the ongoing assault on Palestine and the Palestinian people, including the killing of Palestinians (including 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir, murdered brutally by Israeli settlers), the bombing of Gaza, the mass arrests of over 600, and the raids, attacks, tear-gassing, invasions and closure that Palestinians are being subjected to.

July 26 – SAFE’s National Day of Action Against Factory Farming People all over the country joined together to make a big impact for the animals.

August - Heri-turi-kōkā

August 2 – Nationwide events continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

August 21 – Indymedia reports on one year on from the GCSB law passage: Many of us had been out on the streets in the days and weeks before this participating in the widespread public protests and opposition to this bill. Unlike most other surveillance or intelligence bills, this one got the attention and opposition of many of the country’s elite.

August 23 - Divest from Apartheid Israel: Auckland action at the NZ SuperFund office.

September - Mahuru

September 1 – Indymedia reports on new Australia anti-terror laws and asks - Australia looks set to ram through a suite of new anti-terrorism laws, is it worth considering if the New Zealand government will shortly attempt to do the same?

September 21 – Nelson folks get out for the People’s Climate March! Fun filled family afternoon – Face paint, music and dance were all on offer as Nelsonians joined people around the globe in a massive movement to halt climate change.

September 22 – Why we are winning – a enthusiastic look at life after the election

26 September – Hikoi from Northland to the Auckland Petroleum Summit by local hapu and affected communities to oppose offshore drilling by Statoil.

October - Whiringa-ā-nuku

October 7 – Indymedia reports on this week’s announcement by the government of the creation of the new Minister of National Security and Intelligence is just a prelude to the serious ramping up of war-mongering, fear-mongering and loss of rights.

October 18 – Rally against prisons and police brutality at Cuba Mall cause we know that police and prisons are a tool of the elite in society to control those with less power and fewer resources – from the checkpoints in Palestine, to the private prisons of Pittsburgh, to the maximum security of Paremoremo, the story is much the same.

October 18: Solidarity with the Pacific: a historic act of resistance sent the clear message from the Pacific Islands to the fossil fuel industry: We are not drowning. We are fighting.

October 30 Anonymous report on false flags: “the timing may have been coincidental when on the 7th anniversary of the “terror raids”, Prime Minister John Key announced a two-staged referendum to “decide on New Zealand's flag”. The first stage would take place at the end of 2015, the second stage is to be held in April 2016.’

November - Whiringa-ā-rangi

November 5 – OASIS issues a special Guy Fawkes report on John Key’s new terror law: As children in some parts of the world sing 'Remember remember the 5th of November: gunpowder, treason and plot', Key's mantra has been 'terror, terror, terror'

November 8 – Nation wide day of action against the TPPA – report from New Plymouth . About 200 people marched against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in New Plymouth yesterday as part of a Day of Action. People assembled at Puke Ariki and walked on the main road through town chanting 'TPPA - no way!'

November 17 – Indymedia reports on the Waitangi enquiry into Northland: The rangatira who signed te Tiriti o Waitangi in February 1840 did not cede sovereignty to the British Crown, the Waitangi Tribunal has concluded.

November 26 - The front doors of the French Embassy in Wellington were covered with a message to the French government. This action was taken to express the rage and horror at the murder of Remi Fraisse, 21, a French eco-protester killed by police GRENADE at protest against a dam. He was found dead Sunday morning, 26 October 2014, with wound to his back.

December - Hakihea

December 7 – Heads in the Sand - Our Government has its head in the sand when it comes to climate change, mining, and deep sea drilling. People gathered at Oriental Bay Beach to join the nation-wide day of action - by sticking our heads in the sand to salute our Government's response to climate change.

December 9 - Three Oil Free Wellington activists locked themselves to the entrance of the NZ Petroleum and Minerals headquarters on Stout street in Wellington in protest of the distribution of new oil and gas permits across New Zealand

December 20 - Sojourn reported on the Pakistan school massacre: The Peshawar school attack is being labelled the worst terrorist attack to occur in Pakistan. Children died. But it was not the first ever school attacked, another one was in northern Pakistan. It was attacked by a US drone. Children died.

December 26 - The year ended with a Christmas Truce: Peace Action Wellington held an anti-war football game on Boxing day. n the first Christmas of World War 1, soldiers disregarded any official orders from their superiors, an unofficial armistice was declared, and men who had been shooting each other began to fraternise. Football games were held in ‘no man’s land’ the area between the German front lines and the English & French front lines.


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