Activists Lock On to NZ Petroleum and Minerals Headquarters


At 2pm three Oil Free Wellington activists locked themselves to the entrance of the NZ Petroleum and Minerals headquarters on Stout street in Wellington in protest of the distribution of new oil and gas permits across New Zealand, announced today.

The Government this afternoon announced the results of the 2014 block offer. Fifteen new permits have been granted both on and offshore with a total acreage of 47,690 square kilometres. The permits include new areas open for deep sea oil exploration off of Wellington’s coast in the Pegasus Basin, which have been granted to Statoil and Chevron.

“Today members of Oil Free Wellington have locked themselves to the NZ Petroleum and Mineral’s office to send a clear message to the Government: These permits are not permitted,” said Oil Free Wellington spokesperson Michelle Ducat.

“2014 was the hottest year on record. The science of climate change is clear. We must act urgently to transition away from fossil fuels. We can’t sit by while our Government carves up our oceans and land for more fossil fuel exploration. In the face of the urgency of climate change, these Wellingtonians are using their bodies to get in the way of business as usual.”

“We’re here in solidarity with all communities affected by these plans; those in Northland, those in Taranaki, those in Otago and across Aotearoa and all of the communities across the globe who are and will be devastated by climate change.”
“While the rich perpetuate climate change, it is the poor; particularly indigenous communities and women, across the world who are most effected by climate change. We’re here to stand alongside them. Enough is enough,” Said Ducat.

“The Government should expect resistance to its planned expansion of fossil fuels.”



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