fbi crimes against my person, a continuing saga


Fbi crimes against my person continue today and for the past twenty five years.

This report represents a summary of events wherein the fbi uses police and other government employees to engage in crimes against me, including in one instance where a cop drives me out of my home by forcing toxic fumes into my residence.

For a complete outline of such offenses see ’’My Story In Detail” in twenty parts on line.


For example see evidence of the University of Texas (Brownsville and Harlingen, Texas) efforts to discourage me from using their computers . In some instances the fbi and the local police assign their operatives/thugs (both male and female) to criminally assault and battery me.



false medical report:


In desperate efforts to arrest me on any fraudulent grounds the fbi commits crimes and plants my name at the scene, directing high level cops to investigate me.


Here the Texas Workforce Commission trashes my legitimate and lawful request for assistance:


During the year 2014 the fbi sends the same operative who for over a decade has stalked and harassed me in public libraries and on the streets & malls in Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas. I nick name the operative, the ‘Beast’. The same Beast has a criminal record and is known to all officials in the two libraries and in the police departments. The Beast ten years ago pumped toxic fumes into my apartment at the direction of the fbi, thereby causing acute bronchitis and requiring doctor's attention and antibiotics.

The Harlingen, Texas librarian asked the Beast to stop harassing me after I documented the repeated efforts of the Beast to wave me down. The Brownsville, Texas library officials refused to ask the Beast to leave me alone.

In June of 2014, I sent a letter registered mail ( USPO # 7012 3460 0002 7107 8367, signed by Ruth McKula on 6-19-14)to the library chief (Jerry Hedgecock) wherein I took exception to his refusal to honor my request; I cited evidence in his own video cameras and eye witnesses of his own staff in support of my complaint against the Beast. I later suspected that the library officials (one or more) actually engaged in overt monitoring of me in the library. I filed police and sheriff reports on the offenses against me by the fbi and their operatives; See Sheriff case # 07141195 (dated 7-212-14, and Brownsville Police case # 14077078, dated 7-22-14). I also asked Detective Garcia to kindly inquire about the repeated offenses against me in the library; his notes are recorded at reference case # 5487078. As the assaults against me continued in the same library I sought (via Texas State AG)all documents, notes, memos of any kind in the possession of Hedgecock and his two assistants Juan Guerra and James McCoy.

No records were ever provided to me as of this date. However, the Beast is now less aggressive in the facility and the three librarians generally stay away from me (for now).

While all of this is going on I detect numerous fbi thug/operatives ( as many as 5-6 at any given day, week or month) assaulting me both physically and verbally at different locations. One such thug is described as a Black male, age 25, 5’11’’, 150lbs, with a lean/hungry look and somewhat retarded in demeanor). He appeared both in the Harlingen and Brownsville public libraries.

As a result of inquiries made by Detective Garcia and the Texas AG on my concerns, I am not as of this minute being harassed by the Beast, but the fbi continues vandalism on my car , invasions into my home, and their ususal24/7 assaultive surveillance in my home and car with non-stop, sometimes incapacitating DEW attacks.

I have habituated to such crimes and I am able to sometimes objectively attempt to document such evil as shown for example in my recent posts duplicated below.

The *practices of the fbi/police as I outline in my reports reflect the inherent evil proclivities of our species.

Mark Twain perhaps captured this truth as he said,

*" A crime preserved in a thousand centuries ceases to be a crime, and becomes a virtue. This is the law of custom, and custom supersedes all other forms of law."

CJS Is Too Corrupt & Inhumane To Reform:


Fbi murderous, cruel inhumanity shocks the conscience.

The world's people must be informed of the fraud that is USA, as manifest for example in the murderous fbi; I and my friends are compelled to elucidate:

Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi

See evidence in the following report that the fbi secretly turns civil court judges into operatives and at the same time uses the internet to try, convict, and punish innocent Targets of fbi for intelligence purposes and with the implied acceptance of the general public.



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