Johnny and Andy

two wee boys

Looking ahead a little bit
Just a thought
we havn't had much good stuff lately
so when very we plainly see Johnny, the shitty little playground bully
suddenly shit copiously his in pants
and the teachers say hey whooooo fuck open the windows what little
filthy bastard shat in their pants
And Johnny saying no no no miss it was someone else, anyone else, not
and then Andy, down the back of the class, says miss, miss ,
I know who did it miss
and the head honcho says ok who and Andy says very loud miss miss it
was Johnny, he shat in his pants and made the bad smell I would never
do that miss
and the teacher says yes
thank you Andy
I can see that now
Johnny is a dirty wee shitbag and I hope you
would never ever do anything dirty like that yourself Andy would you
and Andy's like no miss I would not,
Lets enjoy the moment, because its one to enjoy.
But let's not get carried away and imagine on the strength of that lovely
rare moment
that wee Andy, being of a similar persuasion and trade,
a few years, or even months away
in a moment of career decision important to something of his special own
choosing might not come along with a very similar smell to dump upon us


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