Out of the Darkness: UN's (and often State's) hidden agenda.

Brief discussion on linkedin which describes UN's human rights omissions from international human rights law.

Out of the Darkness: UN’s (and often State's) hidden agenda.

Anthony Ravlich
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In today’s world of political globalization the United Nation’s hidden human rights agenda is very often the hidden agenda of States.

The hidden agenda is described briefly in the comments on a picture on linkedin of a small, smiling African boy asking 'What if we all love each other', posted by Kurt Scherrer, human rights activist and independent adviser to the UN. More information on the hidden agenda can be found in the appendix.

Also, for your interest, some popular songs (and a few comments) signaling revolutionary change can be found on Anthony Ravlich – Google+.

The following are the comments on the picture on linkedin:

Haji Muhammad Saeed Labour Federation (PLF), Founder/Secretary General, Pakistan Labour Orgaization. how can it [be] possible

Francine Chamorro, Financial Services, New York. And why not? We were all born to love, after all. (Such a cute baby!)

Haji Muhammad Saeed Labour Federation (PLF) Excellent

anthony ravlich LOVE: include rights omitted from international law and often State constitutions - i.e. property (including intellectual) rights, individual self-determination (sect 22, UDHR), duties to the community. core minimum obligations with respect to economic, social and cultural rights - I consider the UN is intent on the cultural cleansing of the world of individual self-determination e.g. seeking of truth. Human rights are about LOVE for the individual and, in my view, LOVE is also a divine right. But the world leadership, including at the UN are, in my view, are far too cowardly to debate the reasons for these omissions which, in my view, means a life of exploitation for that little boy.

Eusebio Manuel Pecurto, Construction, Portugal. My heart is with the new future generations of the Continent Africa Good Bless you.

anthony ravlich Is it OK to omit human rights - no reason given! I call that blind faith. Once hope may have been expressed re future generations of the children of the Dalits in South-East Asia but they have been in social prison for hundreds of years. When you see the kind of world planned for that young boy - a totalitarian One World Government and a life in darkness - you may see what he will have to cope with. I will be promoting an ethical human rights, development and globalization (which includes all the above omitted rights) which is firmly based on the UD so he and others can fight to free themselves hopefully with God's help.

anthony ravlich I should have also added that a global slave economy is also planned for him.

anthony ravlich Furthermore, I consider those responsible for the human rights omissions need to be brought to account. I think God would pity them but I am not God and I don't. In my opinion, if it wasn't for human rights I'd consider they were not worthy of a life on the planet. I am not unforgiving but they had a choice (past 6 years) to inform people in the mainstream of the ethical human rights approach (I asked Helen Clark, Head of UNDP directly in a packed auditorium) but they have refused to. I am also fair they are entitled to their core minimum human rights as anyone else.

Haji Muhammad Saeed Labour Federation (PLF) we should respect the fundamental rights of every one.

Marcia Pinheiro, Interpreter at Multilingua, Australia: Well, we don't. Some psychos however pretend that we do and attack our priceless and unique bodies and lives even for more than one decade with unconditional support of corrupt, immoral, and criminal states. There are quite a few people who do anything and really seem to have sex with anyone, but I know, from experience of having those as boyfriends (until I am convinced that they have others), that they cannot really love IN THE SAME WAY all of us: Some of us will never know the truth about their sexual behavior, for instance, if simply asking them.

Neila Charchour, Mosaic Tunisia, Bush Institute (seeks democracy in Tunisia): Certainly one day.

Waqas Qureshi, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Burj Capital, Pakistan: Continuing with such strong but simple belief matter! it means someone's dream will be realized one day


(For further information on the exclusion of property rights and the core minimum obligations with respect to economic, social and cultural rights see ch5 of my book, “Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights (Lexington Books, 2008). Also, see recent articles, ‘UN’s Gross Deceit: ethical human rights needed’, San Francisco Bay Inymedia, 10 Oct 2014, https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2014/10/10/18762671.php and ‘Christchurch and Second-Class Citizenship’, Scoop NZ, 14 Sept. 2014, http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1409/S00120/christchurch-and-second-class-citizenship.htm . For further information on ethical human rights, development and globalization see article, ‘Comments on Helen Clark’s refusal to discuss global ethical human rights’, San Francisco Bay Indymedia, https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2013/09/01/18742456.php ).


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