I made startling discoveries regarding fbi manipulation of my BP.

At age 75 I need dental work, including root canals, implants & other surgeries.

Dentists refuse service when my BP is any number above 150/100. I therefore have returned to the cardiologist to ask for permission to return to DDS' Endodontist & Implant surgeon due to concern over possible heart attack/stroke during treatment.

Recently (yesterday) fbi kept me awake all night by DEW & ELF attacks on my brain.
The BP reading reached 160/107 and I doubled the metaprolol BP medication to lower the reading to acceptable standards.
The medication did not work because DEW & ELF are too forceful as applied against metaprolol (100 mg).

So, I visited the Endodontist thinking that he would again refuse to treat me for work on tooth #9. To my pleasant surprise the DDS treated my tooth, indicating that the present treatment was to follow up the root canal, to apply resin & to close the surgery incision; no antiseptic was needed & no pain was experienced. What a relief.

The terrible prospect is that fbi assassins thought that DDS would refuse treatment and cause more complications. Not So.

However, I am now on notice that any future dental surgeries are to be used by fbi numbs as opportunities for torture, physical & psychological.

I prey that any Target can find a way to avoid this type of trap by fbi.



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Typo: next to last paragraph 'numbs' should read 'bumbs'.
Metoprolol Tartrate is the BP medication.

Typo: Last paragraph:
'prey' should read 'pray'.

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