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Why you should join the NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION 8 NOVEMBER 2014








New Plymouth,


Palmerston North,







Need a reason to march on 8 November? Check out Professor Jane Kelsey's latest blog.

Updates on what is on where:

Auckland - speakers include Robyn Malcolm (Actors Equity), Bunny McDiarmid (Greenpeace), Dayle Takitimu (lawyer, Whanau-a-Apanui), Brian Mannering (Medical Students Association), music from Don McGlashan, Moana Maniapoto, and Roger Fowler.

Advertising will be starting this week, so keep you eyes open!

Sign the new Petition now!

Sign the new petition that tells John Key and his government to defend our sovereignty and not to sign any TPPA. We know there have been petitions before, but it is one way for people to have a voice alongside hitting the streets on 8 November. We know there were some glitches with it at first, so please try again.

New secretive round starts in Australia

Officials are meeting in Canberra from 17 to 24 November to provide a basis for a TPPA ministers' meeting in Sydney from 25 to 27 November, which in turn is meant to feed into the meetings of TPP leaders meeting several weeks later. Obama restated last week that he wants to announce something close to a deal then.

Stalemate between US and Japan continues

Everything currently hangs on a deal between the two big players on agriculture and autos. They are stuck and there have been some nasty name calling between the two sides recently. That's good news in holding off a deal; if it continues it won't happen. The downside is that it goes underground and people relax, then they make a deal with minimal pressure. That's why we need to pressure them to stop it now.

New leak of IP text confirms costs

The mid-year text of the intellectual property chapter has been posted by Wikileaks. See analyses by the Association of Research Libraries, Medicines Sans Frontier, Public Citizen Global Access to Medicines programme, Australian Matt Rimmer in Crikey, an article in Stuff, "Australians may pay more for medicines under trade deal" Sydney Morning Herald, "Leaked TPP text shows delays in essential cheaper medicines", AFTINET Australia; Forbes Magazine, "Secrecy-Shrouded TPP Leaks Alarm Internet Freedom Advocates", and again "Latest leaks reveal even harsher copyright rules".

Local government campaigners in the Hutt

The local government team made a presentation to the City Development Committee of Hutt City Council on 16 October, but one member raised a procedural point that quashed the agenda item that the Committee discuss the presentation.

The tobacco debate

Tobacco is one outstanding issue. Malaysia proposed a total carveout from the TPPA. Despite their commitment to smokefree policies, Australia and NZ have not supported Malaysia. The US has floated an alternative that might prevent investor-state disputes on tobacco. Friends of tobacco in the US Congress and states like Kentucky and North Carolina are fighting back.

Criminalising journalism?

It has also been suggested that the leaked intellectual property chapter may introduce criminal penalties for unauthorised access to, misappropriation or disclosure of trade secrets, which could also apply to journalist working for commercial media organisations where the leak is harmful to a country's economic interests. Experts are still unclear of the scope and potential impact of these provisions.


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