Going over the cliff, irremediably

For six years the Free World economy has been collapsing. Growth is needed but never attained. What is the cause of 2008 Crisis? Capitalism. When did it become inevitable? Since 1944 Bretton Woods. Why? Dollar was made universal measure of exchange.

Going over the cliff, irremediably

Fernando García Izquierdo

The Free System.
Capitalism is dead, or at the very least mortally wounded, which comes to be the same. Six years ago, almost to the day, we all watched rather calmly, considering, how the capitalist edifice began crumbling and at once the common people (one way or another) began to suffer. I doubt if many, then, appreciated that we were sliding into the deepest abyss of death and horror which the Free World had yet known. Indeed, it has been awful ever since for almost everybody and, if I am allowed to say so, the disaster will become bigger, more horrendous with all certainty tomorrow.
For circumstances which need not be mentioned here, I had even then been conscious (for some years already) of what was coming. And yet (again for personal reasons) I watched the start of the catastrophe, all that month of September, 2008, with some detachment, strangely enough, for I had all my life been interested in politics.

How did I see this was coming?.
I shall now try to prove my assertion that capitalism is dead or soon to die, but let me first say that only when this dead body is buried and replaced by a new democratic system will humanity be able to breathe. This is no exaggeration. On the contrary, not only humanity is in danger, but the whole earth now is at risk, with capitalism-imperialism. This has been known for many years, ever since several workers’ revolutions took place in Europe in the year 1845.
I repeat, humanity is now in real danger of disappearing altogether, and life on the planet, as we know it, as well. Our Free World is a pure compost heap. Lumps of fungus clinging to the lofty edifice we still call ‘christian civilisation’, like clotted blood.
The fratricidal chase of one another by the masses of the Middle East, coupled with the paroxysm of death and destruction being once more brought about by the Grand Satan of imperialism, and the way the different religions are attacking one another is worse than a nightmare. Leaving ‘lumps of fungus’ everywhere.

Free World indeed!

Mountains and mountains of waste-material which are produced every day are clogging up our very life. And it is our doing! The humans of our free-world generation. We, the rich. The Free and Satisfied. Who can deny this?
We all can see those heaps of rubbish everywhere, with worse to come, and healthy life is disappearing. Less and less of our Life, our Nature is nowadays free from infection and ‘clotted blood’.
This is not what the world should be. A planet made to sustain life, the little celestial body where a million years or more ago Reason appeared on Earth, maybe the only similar stellar body around sustaining Life.
To think that Satan is here, with us. Let the reader contemplate the Free World with eyes wide open. Horror everywhere, every day.
It makes one wonder (the men and women who saw Wonderful America in the forties and fifties, so full of hope.) In has turned out to be hell. The early fifties and already they were at it. Wars everywhere. Imperialism wanted to defeat communism before it could catch up. The sixties and the seventies followed, always fighting communism… and by seventy-five America the Free, our allied great power, that gave us money (we were living in the best of all possible worlds) had been severely defeated by the people of Vietnam…
Nevertheless, the defeated party continued going to war everywhere to defend ‘our way of life’. How could we all have been so blind for so long.
But now this madness cannot coninue. That is evident. Nothing would survive on the earth if the madness continues.
People are dying of poverty in ever-increasing numbers all over the planet. Fish are being extinguished, as is other maritime life: all is devoured or killed, and wasted; primeval forests have become extinct, wild animal life has been halved in just a few decades. Surface and underground fresh waters are being contaminated, to say nothing of the way we produce our energy, nuclear plants, etc. The forces of nature are so unintelligently utilised! The firmament is today polluted to such an extent that we can no longer see the stars at night in certain places. We have exhausted even the air we breath. ‘Defending our way of life’ indeed!!
And in the meantime science and, in general, research and invention are used almost exclusively for the benefit of the rich, or for the purpose of making war, poisoning other humans or nature and always always always for the purpose of securing somehow domination of man by man. And profits!
The poor are just ‘dust’ for the rich. There is malnutrition in the world, a poverty which is now spreading to attain what were called middle classes, even some privileged professionals of yesteryears. It will attain us all, that is for sure, sooner or later. Lack of education is now a characteristic of our society; real culture does not exist; all the things that used to cause the felicity of life are now utterly perverted or nonexisting.
In effect, there are now those who say that humanity may cease to exist five or six decades hence. I heard on the radio the other day that a specialised world body (I have forgotten its name) has published a report saying that, during the last forty years humanity has devoured, killed, destroyed, or otherwise ‘consumed’… about half of all the living matter which had previously existed in the planet for hundreds of thousands of years. And the rate of destruction (the way humans destroy nature) is increasing.

Waiting for Growth.
Capitalism having turned into imperialism quite a while back, all the powers-that-be in our world have now sufficient wealth in their coffers to go on, viviendo como reyes, without producing. The rich have closed fatories and workshops in our First or Free World. And they still live very well; while their previously exploited workers had been made redundant, and this has now been going on for decades. In France, the country where I live, there is a whole region, near Belgium where people have not worked for three generations. Grandfather, father and mother, and now children who have never in their lives been in employment, redundant living beings,as management might say. How all these people live is beyond my comprehension.
For those that control our lives, Finance is the Wealth of Nations today (as Work was the Wealth of Nations in yesteryears.) And yet the rich are getting richer all the time.

Talk of Growth under capitalism.
The Crisis for the people means suffering. They are induced to keep calm: recovery is round the corner; have confidence. But the danger of general ruin is every day greater.
Without the slightest doubt, the main cause of all this horror is capitalism. To understand this one has to read Marx. However, let us leave it at that, since surely nobody expects me to give in this article a lesson on historical materialism.
In Time magazine once I read that all the trouble, the difficulties we see around us, in our lives, are due to the fact that there is no growth under the system. Growth has gone down a cliff, I read. And it was true.
Capitalism, in its present stage, is incapable of carrying out the promises that the industrial revolution brought forward. Humanity expected progress. And the industrial revolution would materialise that Progress through Growth. After the realisation that the capitalism that came out of the 2008 crisis had lost its growth,
there have been attempts at making us believe that growth has come back. America, still the Motor of the Free World, is growing, Germany has succeded in her attempts to make so many motorcars (which are mostly made, by the way, in Poland), the economies of India and Brazil are growing, and Nigeria, a formerly colonial underdeveloped country, is now coming up, and so on.
But growth never comes. Stagnation is the order of the day. That is why, when about a year or so ago, Time told us bluntly that growth has fallen down a cliff, signifying, I believe, that another way should be sought, I was filled with euphoria. ‘Even this mouthpiece of imperialism is beginning to tell the truth.’

The 2008 Fall of Capitalism.
For reasons which had a lot to do with the work I was performing as an American attorney in Paris, in the seventies and early eighties, I saw at once that the Crisis that became apparent in September, 2008, was the End of an Era. I’ve said ‘became apparent’ because ‘Lehman Brothers’ was not the start of the crisis as the paid psycophants say. The present Crisis started in 1944.
In October 2008 I wrote a long article, in English and in Spanish, of which I made fifty photocopies, then sent these by airmail around the world between September and December, that year. Very few of the addressees replied, unless to reject the article. Only one paper (in New Zealand) published it. Thereafter the article found its way somehow into the world wide web. The article is entitled ‘Crisis, Decline and Fall of Capitalism’.
At the end of page 3 of that article, after having done my utmost to make the reader see that almost everything that was being said and written (on the radio, in the papers, etc.) was rubbish, I wrote:
‘Here then are the real reasons, and the real culprits:
‘Ever since the Bretton Woods Conference, in 1944, when World War II was about to end, the United States has ruled the roost in at least three quarters of the planet. In consequence, all the other countries of what came to be known as the Western World, or the West, have ever since been obliged to toe the line. Or, to say the same thing in a somewhat different manner: the countries of Western Europe, to a man, to all intents and purposes, at the said 1944 Conference, were turned into mere stooges of American Imperialism. In international finance the US dollar became the universal measure of exchange and trade, which in fact meant that the US Treasury would control, from then on, all the questions connected with money-circulation in what paradoxically became known as the Free World. That is to say, from then on it was the United States Treasury alone that made the paper-money used in most international transactions (or inter-commerce accounting.) At the end of World War II, then, Washington acquired the formidable weapon of being able to print what was, from then on, as we have said, the universal measure of exchange, the univesal paper-value (let us repeat this; it is very important.) No other power was set above Washington in this respect, no control was imposed upon the United States, no supergovernment was placed above it, no judge or arbiter, or world or inter-regional body, nothing. This was an event never-heard-of throughout all the history of Mankind (when the Spanish escudo and the doblón freely circulated in Europe, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the event took place because these two Spanish coins were real commodities; they were coined from solid metal, the gold brought home in great quantities from the Americas.)

Universal measure of what?
Under the Bretton Woods terms a few American individuals were to have the power, unique in the world, of making (out of nothing, so to say) as much money as might be required by those that controlled the financial and other forces in the world. In other words, the United States dollar would be henceforward the universal measure of value.
In a society where, 1) life was a constant struggle for money; 2) the rich, to go on accumulating, were ready to pay whatever price to be free from communism; 3) the United States, leader among the rich, was able now to print whatever amount of money was needed; 4) said leader and other rich countries were now able to manufacture weapons of mass destruction without end.
What can be the result? and the answer is: wars and exploitation. And in the long run inflation, suffering, in a word, the hell into which we are submerged.

There was, of course, at the beginning of the irrational decision to give America the right of printing the universal measure of value, a great lie. The ‘free’ world was made to believe that ‘The dollar is as good as gold.’

When I use the term ‘printing’ above, I am just trying to write clearly and briefly the facts. I know of course that said ‘paper money’, even as I use the term, does not exist. Much of the Big Mountain of dollars introduced into the free world system is just a number, a ghost, a phantom. The other day one of my daughters said to me: ‘Nobody is ‘fabricating’ dollars: it’s all virtual!’
I don’t know and I don’t care. I am here trying to convey to my readers that the decisions taken in 1944, giving America such power was a decision of bandits.
Besides, to chose the term paper-money or say that transations are virtual or whatever, does not alter anything. The crooks, scoundrels, brigands that control the world and use money to enslave us, to destroy the planet always use, at the end of the day, United States dollars.

Bretton Woods revisited.
In fact, the whole of what is known in history as the Bretton Woods Conferences constitute a great swindle, sort of economic terrorism. The human race was robbed during those few weeks in the spring of 1944, in the mentioned American resort, of the possibility of advancing towards a better more just system of society.
I shall now try to write in a few lines what (in my mind) ‘Bretton Woods’ was all about: 1) our world was devastated by a war, which would soon end; 2) reconstruction was necessary and a generous America was going to be the saviour of mankind; 3) massive international trade had become an absolute necessity, for reconstruction and new post-war life generally; 4) this would mean the exchange at international level of goods and services; and finance; 5) previously gold had been used as the measure of value at international level; 6) this (gold) was now rejected as too cumbersome; 7) the dollar being ‘as good as gold’ (a lie which was then widely spread), humanity ought to use the United States paper currency as the only efficient instrument for exchange and trade; 8) the United States Treasury would produce all the paper-money (dollars) that might be necessary for this tremendous world endeavour; 9) all this would redound to the benefit of mankind; 10) we all would live in a more prosperous world or, as it was stated, ‘in the best of all possible worlds’.

Gold Standard.
In the above few lines I tried to give just a schematic account of what I think must have happened in those famous conferences, which were not secret or diabolic, but in which many unusual things did happpen: it was determined there, for instance, that the Soviet Union, an ally in the war which was still raging, was barred from participation.
I have also tried to be as sincere as possible. I only got to know about Bretton Woods from my university studies, of long ago, but at least six years after the event.
If I found myself at present in a cluster of very learned people (professors, economists, politicians and financiers) for sure I would be assaulted: they might say I exaggerate and call me an ignoramus and/or a liar.
Never mind. I am simply trying to pass on to some readers the idea that the Crisis started there.
So that I don’t leave anything unsaid of what I know about Bretton Woods, I shall now add these other thoughts: 1) the great men (and some women) who attended the meetings re-invented the so-called ‘Gold Standard’; 2) they did that in consideration of having given to America a privilege never before given to any country; 3) the significance of this was that a fellow who might call the dollar (as I do) just paper-money would be exaggerating, because said paper-money was exchangeable into ‘real value’, gold; 4) it was stipulated at Bretton Woods that the United States had to undertake to place in Fort Knox an ounce of gold for every thirty-five dollars printed.

Thirty five dollars for an ounce of gold.
But said 1944 undertaking accepted by the United States was laughed at by all who knew. Here is, again, schematically, the history of the Gold Standard: Firstly, they all knew from the start that it was a solemn lie. Secondly, who was going to be able to determine how much gold was in Fort Knox? Thirdly, the Conferences were an essay in anticomunism. All were pleased offering the United States the means to wage wars (which they did), thus keeping their colonial possessions under control.
Anyhow, the American warmongers, utilising now their easily gained millions and billions of dollars (given) for the purpose of killing communists and democrats all over the world, transformed the hope of a prosperous world into Hell almost everywhere. One exception was Europe, which for decades kept on exploiting their colonies and ex-colonies, to the point of giving (the people) the best standard of living (generally) they ever had had, during the fifties and sixties of the past century.
Inevitably there was an upsurge of inflation, and here is where things began to change for the worse. The seventies were years of tremendous crises.
On the fifteenth August of 1971, unilaterally, the President of the United States of America, Richard Nixon, declared that his governemant had decided to lift the mask, once and for all. The Gold Standard was thrown into the dustbin.
As from said date, the American currency would (in its own right, and the world could shut up) be the sole universal measure of value. Not even in theory would there be the smallest control.

The multiplying effect
Everybody knows, or should know, that immediately (after 1971) the United States dollar began to extend like the plague over the surface of the Free World. I would like to emphasise, however, that the Bretton Woods agreements were never respected. In 1960 there were already in the central banks of western Europe many more dollars that there were in the United States, infinitely more than there was gold in Fort Knox and the mentioned exchanged rate.
Moreover, foreign companies and even individuals (for commercial or personal reasons) again, possessed millions and millions of United States paper currency, circulating in Europe and throughout the world. I need not insist on the fact that there was no gold backing.
Now, who could resist the temptation, once granted ‘the facility’ of printing one’s own money at will, of shying from the opportunity being offered?
I couldn’t! Although I don’t think I’d use my capital to go and fight Vietnamese in their country, killing (during many years) hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, who hadn’t caused me the slightest harm, and certainly did not threaten my faraway backyard.

And now printing trillions.
I owe it to another American magazine, Fortune, which sometime ago published an article (I think Sloan was the name of the writer) which clearly showed how capitalism-imperialism utilised, in 2009, the privilege granted to Washington in 1944, of manufacturing at its own will the universal measure of value. All was done that year to save capitalism from bankrupcy, to avoid a repetition of the Great Depresion of 1929, when the United States economy collapsed and only began to recover with (and because of) the second world war.
In effect, if I have understood Mr Sloan rightly, capitalism produced in 2009 trillions of dollars. I don’t remember how many trillions he said, but to me, even one trillion is enough. In theory, besides, there is nothing to stop the United States Federal Reserve from going over the board, printing (why not?) notes to the tune two trillions, three, four, five… the law is made to its liking.
Anyhow, this operation ‘saving the stock-exchange’ was performed from and by Washington. The purpose was to inject into the listed corporations the necessary money to save them, to save the stock-exchange and to save capitalism-imperialism. In effect, after a few months of catastrophic descent, Stock (Shares) began to go up. And since 2010 the Market has been nothing but a game of Roulette.

Moreover, while Capitalism was in fact bankrupt, and was saved (there was no repetition, in 2009, of October 24, 1929), the back-door was left wide open to the bandits of Finance. Chicanery became the order of the day. and financiers are ‘playing’ the stock-exchange as if nothing had happened in 2008. The world is a Casino. Com’on, com’on, dears let’s proceed. Millions, billions, trillions…
I have since heard that the so-called Activists, like ordinary gangsters and burglars, periodically raid the offices of the transnational corporations, money is extracted from very big coffers (millions or billions, whatever there is) and made to enter the ‘financial circuit’, generally causing the stock-exchange figures to rise. Instead of what it used to be, now money is used by corporations to buy their own shares, thus preventing the clear collapse, signalled by the very essence of capitalist production.
There is no end to the chicanery of the capitalists: and in the meantime (in the companies thus raided, we are told) not a penny is spent in reactivating the industry. Finance, finance and finance. Speculation.
Thd people don’t count. Factories? Workers? They can go to hell. For the capitalists only profits count. Their own wealth is the only thing they care about. Accumulation. Employment is a figure to be shuffled with the others. And Nobel Prize economists have now discovered that if corporations sack one thousand and thirty-three workers their stock rises three percent, whereas before, sacking five hundred and fifty workers, stock was up only one percent, let’s say.

Even three percent growth is no recovery.
I was glad to see the other day that the aboved-referred-to Time magazine agrees that there is no growth in the capitalist world. The author of the article which I am going to quote, Ms Rana Foroohar, might had been dubitative two or three years ago, concerning the question of growth, but now, she is firm. No Growth. Or, to put it perhaps more correctly, it has become clear that even three percent annual growth is nothing, not enough.
So what does this mean? the reader will be asking himself or herself.
Well, if poor Europe is promising her depressed people that in 2015 or 2020 there may be a growth of one percent, and now Time tells us that in America they have successfully reached three percent and that this is no recovery at all, that the workers will find no work and above all that poverty is going to be generalised in America, what can Europe expect? The other day, in France, President Hollande again said that there is a light on the horizon, nous sommes à la sortie du tunnel (his leitmotif these last few years), and the very day he said that the radio announced that la croissance nationale had been 0.4%, and the growth promised à la sortie du tunnel is one percent, it is palpably obvious that he is making a false promise; unless he thinks that stagnation and then recession is what the French people aspire to.
And now, on top, I read that even if he had been promised a three percent growth round the corner, Hollande would have been promising naught.
But, let us see what Ms Foroohar actually writes.

To me her message is clear. 1) She is starting, I think, from the fact that America has been successfully growing all the time, but only at the rate of one or two percent; 2) and now, please God, America has further succeeded in making her economy grow: three percent, ‘The 3% Economy’, is the title of her article; 3) the two percent economy, she seems to say, wasn’t really a recovery after all; 4) but we are now at three percent and the situation is more disturbing; growth is back, we are told; oh, darling growth! three percent! certainly growth is back; 5) and the situation is still quite alarming as regards the standard of living of the working classes, and so on; 6) it is worse because jobs are not to be found (though ‘jobs basura’ yes, plenty of dirty badly paid jobs; 7) for the wages themselves have gone down, not up as capitalist progress would imply; 8) with regard to ‘the cycles’, which imply periods of unemployment, as in the recession 1990 to 1991, in the new century the passage from recession to recovery took, in 2001 (thirteen years ago, and before the Crisis commenced), thirty-one months, while at the end of the century recovery took around one year; 9) now,this time around, our writer goes on, it has taken America forty-one months to recover, more than three years! 10) it is sad to think all this means that today it takes so much longer for the poor to find some minor job; 11) for the quantity of jobs found was there (jobs existed), but the quality was not, the writer says; 12) that is always the problem, we read, in ‘an economy that is made up chiefly of consumer spending’; quite right, the first time I set foot in America, a younger man, in 1969, I could not believe my eyes: waste, waste, waste.

On an aside, I shall add briefly that when the sycophants tried to explain what they called ‘the subrime-mortgage-crisis’ so many seemed to be unaware that the crisis was not due to the Lehman joint collapse, but purely and simply to this sort of happening. If people lost their jobs overnight and their homes, inter alia, had been bought on credit, how on earth were they going to pay their mortgages? This is ‘consumer spending’ for you!;

‘Whatever number you put on growth, a recovery that doesn’t feel like a recovery is, yet again, no recovery at all,’ writes Ms Foroohar. Bravo!! Introducing Feeling! Says our journalist: ‘Doesn’t feel.’
That is the crux of the matter. Does anyone think that those famous activists who handle billions (or trillions, who knows), the wolves and sharks, as other sources call them, have any human feeling? anything in their body-fluid? anything but poisoned blood? Sentiment indeed?
Another thing I heard this morning. ‘France doesn’t feel like subjecting her economy to the ‘three-percent-deficit rule’ (feeling, again.) This means, in the French government’s words, that, considering that our economy has collapsed, because there is No Growth, and further considering that formerly, with the CycIes, there was hope that, in a year or two, employment would come back, since there is Perpetual Unemployment now, what can a ‘socialist’ government do, with no growth at all? Ask for credit. That means Deficit. Four, five, six or seven percent deficit should be acceptable (la France possède un grand, grand patrimoine.) And in this way, our president might be re-elected in 2017. The present appreciation of Monsieur Hollande by the people is: thirteen or perhaps even fewer out of a hundred still expect something from him.
That is le Président François Hollande who, two years and a half ago, was elected because he had such a wonderful plan de croissance. Upon election, he rushed to Washington to pay his respects to the President of the United States of America, bursting with novel ideas about la croissance. He came bouncing into Camp David’s picnic area, where there was a barbecue to which many world leaders had been invited. The evening was well advanced when President Obama took him aside, each walking with a hamburger is his hand (unless it was a cheeseburger.) The Frenchman was bursting with desire to explain to the American how he was going to bring ‘la croissance dans l’économie de la France’.
President Obama, it seems, caught the other by the elbow and whispered in his ear. Jesus! why don’t you Frenchies do like the Americans: apply to the Federal Reserve for more money.
Apparently Obama had forgotten, with the heat of the barbecue, about Bretton Woods. And I don’t know whether his interlocutor knew that while he was struggling with the horrible Commision in Brussels to be allowed to forget about the ‘three-percent-deficit norm’, the United States of America could go and build deficit after deficit by the million (not just three per cent.)

Men and women who only know the present, who interest themselves in what they are taught by ‘their betters’ to consider, and follow the diktats of the conventional wisdom… know nothing really about the world in which they live.
Or, what is the same thing, one must study History; and try and comprehend things, not just open their mouths and swallow.
Studying history we shall learn that of Good and of Evil there is no spontaneous generation. We create the good things, and we create the bad ones. We, men and women. And it is the task of all men and women nowadays to correct this state of anarchy, madness and crime in which we are wallowing.
There is no effect without a cause. The present tragedy has its origin in the past, undeniably. Let us seek and find the cause of this dismal state of affairs.
It is the duty of all men and women of goodwill, who for one reason or another have had some studies, to point out to the people what the real Cause of this Crisis is.
Capitalism-imperialism has generated this horror (whatever may be its conquests in science, technology etc.) The exploitation of the masses by a few is capitalism-imperialism. A few who are constantly trying to put back the Hands of the Clock of History, to make Time stop at the beginning of the nineteeth century.
As a little known poet, member of the British working-class, put it one hundred years ago: ‘They will rather destroy the earth than cease their exploitation of the people.’ (Unfortunately I have forgotten the name of the poet, and am only quoting by heart.)
Communist Manifesto, dated 1847: ‘A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of Communism. All the Powers of old Europe have entered into an alliance to exorcise this spectre.’
‘Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in opposition to one another, carried on in an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary re-constitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.’ (Marx and Engels).
But you, the young, should not misfire. Understand, and always remember who is guily of this disorder, this monumental crime. Do not believe the false prophets that are trying to mislead you and make you enter this or that fight under the banner of Religion, a more ancient force utilised by the exploiters to subject men and women (especially women) to slavery.
Another thing, if you read French History, you will know that the people came out into the streets of Paris, in 1789, shouting, ‘les Aristocrates on les aura!!’ and in effect, exploiters and their hirelings died on the guillotine. But the majority of the nobility escaped abroad. They were called ‘les émigrés’. They spread about, were seen in Vienna, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Madrid and London. They were received and pampered in all the European courts.
‘Pope and Czar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies,’ say Marx and Engels, at once got together to make sure that the ideal of the French Revolution died. There is a story that Beethoven (one of the greatest artists ever and a great revolutionary), having composed one of his symphonies in honour of the French revolutionary, deleted the name of Napoleon, when he saw that the man had become a dictator, serving the interests of the rich.
But upper classes in England soon learmed to fight against Revolution. In that country, the nobility (always conspiring against the people) closed ranks and swore: ‘We shall never become ‘des émigrés’. It was in London that world reaction made a silent pact to make sure that real democracy would never be. Nobility and upper-class bourgeoisie, religion and superstition in general, navy and territorial army, parliament and the civil service, they got together to crush any attempt by the masses to install a democracy (as the manifesto says.)
And there is where we stand today, seven hundred and sixty-seven years after the glorious revolution in France, the spirit of which came to naught with Napoleon.
As for our youth today, several hundreds of young unemployed and even schoolchildren, in this country, flocking to Syria to crush they don’t know what. They have been poisoned by anticommunist propaganda, enticed to fight in favour of religious reaction, girls and boys. Is it not strage that even girls put themselves in the arms of those that generally treat women as slaves? It is bestiality all through!!
Do they deserve the punishment they receive? Some think yes. ‘But you are all recreants and dastards, and delight to live in slavery to the nobility. Let them break your backs with burdens, take your houses over your heads, ravish your wives and daughters before your faces.’ (Shakespeare.)
Bear in mind, dear reader, I beg you! Don’t allow them to mislead you. Don’t misdirect your shot.
There is one main enemy. Let’s identify it, clearly and without ambiguity. The rich are guilty. They are exploiting the masses and destroying in passing the earth. Let us bury capitalism-imperialism, pronto!



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