Foreign control update


The Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) has decided to produce a regular little update, with links to items of interest about foreign control and transnational corporations.

1/ "Significant Fiscal Risk" Of Lord Of The Rings Subsidy -

2/ Wilson Parking Profit Up 43%, Takes $3.1m In Wage Subsidy -

3/ Iwi Lose Court Case To Stop Otakiri Springs Waterbottling Export Plant Expansion -

4/ Countdown Profit Up $20m As Commerce Commission Launches Probe Of Supermarkets -

5/ Coca Cola Stops "Mum" & "Bub" Boxes After Dentists' Backlash -

6/ Which Businesses Are On 2020's Naughty List? -

7/ Software Transnational Oracle Disputes $20m NZ Tax Bill -

8/ How A "Cash-Free" Banking System Harms Vulnerable Consumers -

9/ Bluff Smelter:

To Stay Open Until End of 2024 -

Rehabilitation Costs Not Known For At Least A Year -

Smelter Deal. Who Caved?

Smelter Power Bill Cut By 1/3

"It's A Very Profitable Smelter Now": Meridian Boss

Mataura To Be Finally Rid Of Smelter's Hazardous Waste -


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