New lies to back up new anti-terror laws


The new Minister of National Security is busily inventing reasons to go to war, and reasons to expand New Zealand’s anti-terror legislation.

First, he has said that it would be ‘odd’ if New Zealand didn’t join the fight against ISIS in effect because all of our mates were.

This is absurd reasoning from anyone, but particularly dangerous coming from the person who commands the military. In effect, it endorses a foreign policy that says, ‘the United States and its coalition of the willing waged a war of aggression a decade ago, stole the resources of Iraq, murdered over 100,000 people, and set up a sectarian puppet regime that is now being overthrown, so we need to go and help the Americans to regain the upper hand.’

New Zealand has absolutely no reason to send military to Iraq. Yes, send aid, send doctors or nurses, send food and non-military supplies. But sending troops to this war in Iraq cannot be seen as anything other than a retrospective endorsement of the last war in Iraq, and moreover, a recipe for disaster, not least for the people of Iraq.

The Herald has also reported that:
Mr Key provided more detail on the Cabinet paper, saying it will set out the terms of reference on proposals to strengthen New Zealand terrorist law, specifically making it illegal for a New Zealand citizen to fight for a terrorist organisation abroad.

Of course, it is already illegal for a New Zealand citizen to fight for a terrorist organization abroad. Section 13 of the Terrorism Suppression Act is crystal clear:

13 Participating in terrorist groups
(1)A person commits an offence who participates in a group or organisation for the purpose stated in subsection (2), knowing that or being reckless as to whether the group or organisation is—
(a)a designated terrorist entity; or
(b)an entity that carries out, or participates in the carrying out of, 1 or more terrorist acts.
(2)The purpose referred to in subsection (1) is to enhance the ability of any entity (being an entity of the kind referred to in subsection (1)(a) or (b)) to carry out, or to participate in the carrying out of, 1 or more terrorist acts.
(3)A person who commits an offence against subsection (1) is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years.

The sections 14-18 make it absolutely clear that these provisions apply to people inside and outside of New Zealand.

There has been much discussion about cancelling passports – but it is clear that anyone who is a New Zealand citizen would already be committing a crime punishable by 14 years in prison for joining up to fight with a designated terrorist group (list is here). If the government is cancelling the passports of NZers, then they are prepared to violate international law and make people stateless, all based on some conjecture that they are guilty. And for anyone who isn’t a New Zealand citizen (such as a permanent resident) you don’t need to cancel their NZ passport because they don’t have one.

It is extremely worrying the ‘urgent’ push for law changes, and the growing drumbeat of war. The National government is using fear as a tactic to erode fundamental freedoms at home, and to wage war on behalf of the US Empire again. Let us all be very aware of what is going on.


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American drone policy is by far the biggest terrorist campaign in the world. So says Chomsky and countless others. Who could disagree? The drone terror program violates international laws every hour of every day. Facilitating these terror attacks, as the NZ executive does, is also illegal.

The once noble concept of the rule of law has fallen. The rule of law now simply means the rule of bandits who are in control. It seems to be increasingly difficult to encounter men and women of integrity anywhere, in or out of the so-called government (all branches).

Perhaps in the future the people of these islands will wake up and address these issues, and more. It has been 67 years since the UK relinquished constitutional control. One day the people of these islands should take control.

Gerard, I completely agree with you - well written !

The UN's Agenda 21 is not a conspiracy theory, it is a CONSPIRACY FACT and most are unaware of the many failures of the UN and its real hidden priorities. Some in NZ are celebrating the recent joining with the UN but it is far from being a good thing for us. To be sitting at the big table with the big boys only gives us a false sense of security as war rages and peace making is not on their agenda. Global Totalitarian State ! Power through fear is their mantra.

America and England are the biggest terrorists in the world.

Our sovereignty (TPPA) and our laws (ANTI TERROR LAWS) and our rights are slowly being eroded away incrementally and most are unaware of why and how this all transpired. The truth about all of this is out there but will not be heard through the corporate controlled propaganda media machine. They want to feed fear and keep people in a numb and dumb inactive state.

Rosa Koire wrote a book entitled - " Behind the Green Mask " and she exposes the real UN and the real Agenda 21 and what it means to all of us internationally.
She is not a nutter and is a rare woman of integrity with massive guts and well worth googling - youtube and checking out her interviews and lectures.

I do not celebrate the recent joining with the UN security council and feel that if our citizens knew the real truth about all of this war mongering and war profiteering by the corporate elite bankster gangsters, we could begin to take back our country. Noam Chomsky is right ; Allan Watt and Max Keiser are right and Rosa Koire is right and I hope that many will look more into these ethical free thinkers who are brave and willing to expose the rot. Maybe I am naive but I still believe that with knowledge and courage, we can begin to take back our country and our rights and help end war. We did it with Viet Nam, we can do it again.

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