100 years of FBI murderous tyranny


No other former Special Agent of the FBI proves the pure evil & wholesale murderous corruption of FBI as I do.

For 100 years FBI runs unbridled in crimes against American society whereupon FBI engages in atrocities one after another, pretending to be law men.

My documentaries contain proof of these assertions, but media, congress & SCOTUS are afraid to a knowledge the truth that I painfully present. My reports span a half century and represent the most detailed account ever of FBI psychological & physical torture & attempted murder of an ex FBI agent (by FBI & federal magistrate judge)

The attacks against me include the use of FBI high tech, deep space based secret weaponry as described in many of my reports (I.e DEW/ELF invisible energy based) and low minded thugs of FBI agents & operatives. These foolish gunmen come into my neighborhood to turn ordinary citizens into terrorists against me; these same FBI agents feed MDs & DDS false and prejudicial data in order for the doctors and dentists & their assistants to eagerly abuse & torture me.

The FBI follows my every move & contact to make sure that FBI sabotages any contract work that I may need (this included medical & dental services). Further, FBI psychological operations are horrendous via sleep deprivation in the extreme and assassins in my face at my door to threaten me.

The attacks are so severe that I often try to deny to myself what is happening. FBI uses gaslighting maneuvers to confuse or confound me. FBI choreographs many such operations, so that I must carefully reconsider each incident in order to arrive at the conclusion that FBI is evil in its unmitigated & deranged attacks.

Some concerns that I voice frequently are the stranglehold on society that FBI maintains and the FBI Fusion Center manipulation of all police authorities in USA & many others globally.

The FBI torture & death contract on me is a life sentence which cannot be removed. However, I am gratified that at long last I find my destiny in EVERYMAN'S heartfelt resistance to government inhumane tyranny.

Thank you kindly.

PS:Who has been imprisoned/murdered by FBI & CIA as a result of criminal provocations by Intel using street thugs and/or high technology-behavior modification programs which supplant free will in violation of every moral/legal code?




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One FBI operative dentist admitted to VA that he tortured me by digging into an implant w/o

FBI with high tech invisible weaponry intentionally cause Targets to become confused
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