Kiwi Jihadi Mark John Taylor's Medical Marijuana and submission of facts about Muslim John!

Kiwi jihadi Mark John Taylor aka Muhammad Daniel has said he will surrender himself to New Zealand government officials. Only when Medical Marijuana has become legalize in New Zealand.

He said, he will give up Jihad on the grounds that medical Marijuana is legalize for needed patients. Who need the herbal alternative then using pharmacy drugs that cause more harm. He will surrender to NZ government officials once medical Marijuana is officially legalized in New Zealand.

Another statement that Mr Taylor said, was Prime Minster John Key should not send SAS troops or any NZ troops to Syria or Iraq. Because only Death is waiting for them!

In further news about the connection of Muslim John aka Daryl Jones. Mr Taylor said, Mr Key should come clean about the assassination of Mr John in Yemen, November 2013. Mr John's family and the public should know that it's only a matter time before another New Zealander or other New Zealanders are given the consent by Mr Key to be killed. By drone strike, assassination and incursion which ever way you see it! Mr John Key already has blood on his hands!


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