What went fundamentally wrong with the twentieth century

Catastrophe is the word anywhere you look in ex-free world. Each of our representatives is a crook and/or a solemn ignoramus striving to save the system. What if in Covid we have the chance of seeking change? Don't let capitalism continue.

What went fundamentally wrong with the twentieth century

Fernando García Izquierdo

Less than Nothing.
The world is upside down. That part of the planet that used to be referred to as the Concert of Civilised Nations, those human beings who called themselves developed nations, by opposition to the others, the majority, the poor spoliated countries which they called the underdeveloped rabbble, the masses, are now themselves nothing, less than nothing. Utter rabble themselves. Come and see!
France, Britain, Germany, Italy, USA and all the rest are now so ill, tortured by circumstances and by the fact that once they were so rich and now are so short of breath, ugly, dirty, infectious and actually moribund that only constant anguish can be boded for them.

Relationship at a distance.
Because of the coronavirus infection there is the imposition of not communicating with one another unless it is “à distance”,i.e., human relation without society. That is to say, the power-elite now wants to avoid union, connection, association, unity, socialism.
They have been fighting for this “free world”, free for monsters, horrible monster-like fellow Trump, and Macron, Johnson and all the other leaders.

“Socialisation à distance”.
In theory the French nation does exist, “allons enfants de la patrie” and all that (just as it was before the infection, Nobel-honours, other prizes, promotions and now and then an official football match on television, direct or “en differé”, the public like that, and that famous circumnavigation of rich skippers mucking around the world each one on his or her own boat.
The public love that! sleeping beings subjected to pernicious bloodsuckers as was written by Shakespeare so long ago.

The triumph at last of antisocialism.
Really, the end of socialisation, construction, development of human society, down with communism. I understand now why, during the whole of the twentieth century, the words collective, collectivism, communism became terms that children at school learned to reject.
In the country of my birth we children used to sing “el comunismo es enemigo de Dios y de su Gloria.” And Franco was constantly approached by Churchill, Eden and all the right-wing forces of that monarchic state. Characteristic English doublecrossing, that approach to Spanish fascism: a necessity to help Franco, because Franco may have had many faults , “but he saved Spain from communism.”
The Royal Navy imposed “non-intervention”. This term, which was used by history on this occasion, led to the following: a perfectly democratic legitimate government was impeded from acting normally at international law. This meant that a pacific country which had been attacked from abroad could not buy arms needed to defend itself from international fascism and nazism. In addition at Churchill’s instigation Franco and his criminal generals who at international law were mere pirates were given immediately the status of “Belligerent Party”. This means that a legitimate country could not defend itself.
No international law was respected by Britain, which on the contrary did nothing to impede Germany and Italy, two fascist Countries, to break all laws, strangling a peaceful legitimate State.
I suggest you read the book of a great Spaniard, Constanza de la Mora, in English (“IN PLACE OF SPLENDOUR”), to see what an extraordarily grand democracy was the (1931) REPÚBLICA ESPAÑOLA, attacked (1936) by Italy, Germany and Britain (petrol for Franco from Texas.

Coronavirus, assailing us in 2020.
The fact that “la France” is being attacked by a malign, mysterious, infectious enemy, as the President of the Republic contends, is not due (as my dear mother would have thought) to just and deserved punishment “de Dios” for the evilness of our capitalistic nation.

And the whole world knew (and knows) that Germany and Italy were crimanally making war against Spain, the Spanish People. But it is not that what I wanted to write about. There were worse crimes committed by capitalism-imperialism, condusive perhaps to coronavirus.

The Battle of Stalingrad.
In January 1943, there was no option. The triumph of the Soviet Union over Fascism was clear and conclusive. To say only a few words about this battle, I’ll only mention one detail: it was so ferocious, so many men and women died in it (defending communism) that Hitler engaged no less than five thousand war planes daily. His forces were really unbeatable, but they were utterly defeated.

Since then till now there has not been a minute in the twentieth century when there has not been a terrible international conflict.

Could not our human race have employed all that energy in saving the world and us human beings from destruction?



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