School Strike for Climate 2021 kicks off in Wellington


Students from across Aotearoa made six demands of Parliament for action on climate change at a rally in Wellington.

After losing a year to Covid-19, student leaders have gathered at Otaki Summer camp to refresh, recharge and renew their commitment to ongoing organising in the climate struggle.

Today, they came to Parliament to demand action. They crowd sourced six demands for Parliament, that while not transformative, would go a long way to addressing climate change.

The list of demands includes:
- Prohibiting the implementation of, and phase out the use of fossil fuels nationwide
- Investing in a 100 percent renewable energy economy
- Investing and implementing in a just transition
- Honouring its (the government's) responsibility to Pacific Island neighbours
- Decreased agriculture emissions
- Invests in climate education

Read more here on today's protest:


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