Foreign Control Watchdog needs a new editor


For the first time in more than 20 years, Watchdog is looking for a new Layout Editor.

Leigh Cookson has been Watchdog's Layout Editor continuously since the late 1990s. She has done an excellent job, laying out a sometimes huge publication three times a year in all manner of trying conditions ranging from thousands of Christchurch earthquakes to the national lockdown. Throughout, she has done it on top of a full time job. We all owe her a huge vote of thanks.

However, the time has now come when she has decided to call it quits. She has given us a very generous 12 months' notice, meaning that she is prepared to lay out 2021's April and August issues, but not the December one (which is always the issue most pressed for time). If a replacement for her is found sooner, she will happily hand it over sooner.

So, for the first time in more than 20 years, Watchdog is looking for a new Layout Editor.

If you are interested, please contact us at Likewise, if you know somebody who might be interested, ask them to contact us, or give us their name and e-mail address.

To see what is involved, the latest issue (December 2020) can be viewed online at (text only, not a full reproduction of the hard copy edition). To see the online PDF of the full hard copy edition, go to

The job involves laying out three hard copy issues per year (April, August and December). Note: it doesn't involve the online edition. That is taken care of.

We pay a token amount per issue. Plus we will pay for layout software, if needed for the Layout Editor's computer.

We are not looking for any major revamp of Watchdog. Our priority is getting the information out there. It is a niche publication but one which is greatly appreciated by its readers.

Leigh is in Christchurch, where we are based. But that is not a prerequisite for the job, it can all be done remotely. In recent years the only time I've ever seen Leigh during the laying out of each issue was when she's called in to take away a draft hard copy prior to starting her lay out. During lockdown even that couldn't happen and the whole April 2020 issue was produced remotely (meaning that all proofreading and corrections were done via e-mail, from draft copies she e-mailed me, until the final PDF was ready to be e-mailed to the printer).

Watchdog has been described to us as "the last hard copy Leftwing publication in NZ".

We're looking for someone to play a vital role in keeping it going.

Murray Horton


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