Blind hatred is a contagious disease


FBI hypnotizes most residence in my over 55 community, Mission Texas, so that they terrorize us everyday with gaslighting, Psyops and acts of meanness.


Even officers of the board maliciously deny all wrongdoing by residents here.

I now realize that the provocateurs may be Satanists. In any event they are devil followers who engage in dirty conduct to molest & harass me and my wife for FBI assassins.

Thus, I conclude that these miserable people are quasi murderers for FBI and that they all are threats to good characters who do not join in their macabre deeds.

Other Psyops tonight: FBI thug races up behind me & threatens to ram- then he turns on bright lights; a few minutes later FBI enters my vehicle, turns on my bright lights and changes settings in the dashboard.
Psyops are heavy as are high tech attacks via DEW sleep deprivation.


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FBI now tweaks intensity of DEW/ELF assaults causing sleep deprivation to nearly paralyze me 24/7.

Log: Dec.29-30,2020, fbi prevents sleep & I am in bed 'till 7pm. Then FBI female assassin comes to my home 15min, with emergency lights flashing on her SUV. Her message is related to FBI monitoring of my brain waves which indicate pain/frustration/mood swings.

Compilation of my recent posts on the FBI atrocities against me:

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